bivouac|bivouacs in English


[biv·ouac || 'bɪvʊæk]

temporary camp, encampment

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3. During daylight, bivouac scouting parties moved ahead to select the next day's bivouac area.

4. Verb If you Bivouac in a particular place, you stop and stay in a Bivouac there

5. In the bivouac of life.

6. We could make a bivouac.

7. What does Bivouacs mean? Information and translations of Bivouacs in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

8. In the bivouac of Life.

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12. Nous offrons des Bivouacs de luxe au Maroc.

13. Synonyms: bivouac, Campground, Campsite… Find the right word

14. • Bivouac sac or small tarp (emergency shelter)

15. Experience Bivouac Swinton Bivouac is part of the 20,000 acre Swinton Estate and a rural experience for friends and family

16. Bivouacs, COMMAND POSTS, SUPPLY POINTS, AND MEDICAL INSTALLATIONS INTRODUCTION This manual deals with the camouflage of Bivouacs, com-mand posts, supply points, and medical installations

17. Can we make a bivouac, Mr. Bates? asked Russell.

18. Bivouacs allow you to rest, craft new items, and more

19. The Bivouac was first released boxed in U.S

20. Bivouac France, Aix-en-Provence (Aix-en-Provence, France)

21. Bivouacs are special locations that can be found throughout Auroa

22. Use Bivouacs Apart from finding Bivouacs, it's typically a good idea to rest at one of these temporary campsites if you need to recover health, fatigue, and ammo

23. Bivouacked meaning Simple past tense and past participle of bivouac.

24. Bivouac is set in Lake Tekapo and offers barbecue facilities

25. These days Bivouacs are often a fixed point of planned tours