bivouac|bivouacked|bivouacking|bivouacs in English


[biv·ouac || 'bɪvʊæk]

camp outdoors in tents, set up a temporary camp

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1. Related topics: Outdoor bivouac bivouac 2 verb (Bivouacked, bivouacking) [intransitive] DLO to spend the night outside without tents in a temporary camp The climbers Bivouacked halfway up the mountain

2. (Formed because the present participle and past are bivouacking and Bivouacked.) (verb)

3. Bivouacked meaning Simple past tense and past participle of bivouac.

4. Bivouacs synonyms, Bivouacs pronunciation, Bivouacs translation, English dictionary definition of Bivouacs

5. Bivouacked They were Bivouacked on their parade-ground, doing nothing.

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8. During daylight, bivouac scouting parties moved ahead to select the next day's bivouac area.

9. Verb If you Bivouac in a particular place, you stop and stay in a Bivouac there

10. In the bivouac of life.

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12. We could make a bivouac.

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17. In the bivouac of Life.

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22. Nous offrons des Bivouacs de luxe au Maroc.

23. The 71st was Bivouacked along with the 1st U.S

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