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lawyer, barrister, advocate

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1. Attorney definition, a lawyer; Attorney-at-law

2. From 1997 the law office was run by attorney at law Ain Alvin.

3. Angie Doan is an attorney at the law firm Bendin Sumrall

4. Cooling & Winter LLC, Attorneys at Law, Joseph Cooling Attorney GA

5. Bourn III is an attorney at Butler Snow law firm in Jackson, Mississippi.

6. Ambries Kevin Attorney Attorneys Perlow Glenn A Attorney Attorneys - Corporate Business Lawyers - Patent & Trademark Attorneys Brown Stuart Attorney at Law Attorneys McKinney & Namei Co., L.P.A

7. Charmi Blan Principal Attorney at Blan Law Firm Glen Echo, Maryland, United States 500+ connections

8. Professor Jennifer Goldson is the Senior Staff Attorney and Clinic Supervisor at the Family and Youth Law Center (FYLaw) at Capital University Law School

9. A law firm like Skadden may pay an of Counsel attorney $375,000 a year and bill the same attorney out at $750 an hour.

10. He was Senator from 1908 to 1909, after which he founded an attorney-at-law office.

11. 4 words related to Conveyancer: law, jurisprudence, attorney, lawyer

12. Rosie Barmakszian is the sole attorney behind Barm Law

13. Natasha is a top attorney and specializes in family law.

14. Attorney Jordan Berty is a family lawyer at the Darbouze Law Group who handles family law matters involving child custody, support, divorce, and more

15. Law Offices Of Joseph F. Arite Provides Attorney, Criminal Law, Family Law, Probate, Civil Law And Dwi To The Grants, Nm Area.

16. More specifically, in the USA, a lawyer qualified to represent clients in legal proceedings; sometimes Attorney-at-law

17. An Attorney or, more correctly, an Attorney-at-law, is a member of the legal profession who represents a client in court when pleading or defending a case

18. He delegated his power of attorney to his sister - in - law .

19. Avatara Smith-Carrington (they/them) is an attorney and the current Tyron Garner Memorial Law Fellow at Lambda Legal

20. Attorney at Foreman & Brasso

21. Avaunt, Esq., was at all relevant times an attorney admitted to the practice of law in the State of Maine

22. Blenk, a Bartow, Florida (FL) Lawyer, Attorney - Criminal Law, Family Law, Civil Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported

23. Birn is an associate attorney and has practiced law for over ten years

24. Upon graduation from law school he spent a brief period as an attorney at the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.

25. Imperial Tobacco Ltd. v. Canada (Attorney General) (1988), 55 Dominion Law Reports (4th) 555.