attached to in English

clinging to, adhering to; bound to, connected to; annexed to, appended to

Use "attached to" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "attached to" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "attached to", or refer to the context using the word "attached to" in the English Dictionary.

1. Tertiary Amplifiers – attached to Shells

2. Attached to someone or something 1

3. USB devices attached to this computer

4. They're attached to the cable cover.

5. The social stigma attached to epilepsy

6. Well, it's a condom attached to his dick attached to a tube, and it fills up that bag.

7. Mary was attached to her brother.

8. There's an earphone attached to it.

9. 4 - Bryozoon attached to adult scallop shell

10. Attached to the southeastern rim is Frost.

11. I'm very Attached to my old guitar.

12. A tag was attached to each article.

13. Manny was really attached to his tongue.

14. One proviso is attached to this legacy.

15. An electrode is attached to the stylus.

16. Be Attached to sb/sth to like someone or something very much: The children are very Attached to their grandparents

17. The appendix is attached to the Caecum

18. He is greatly attached to his children.

19. He is Ardently attached to his wife

20. Laday Blarney was particularly attached to Olivia.

21. Contiguity ENDORSEMENT (T-25) Attached to Policy No

22. The vocal cords are attached to Arytenoid cartilages

23. The Arytenoids are attached to the vocal cords.

24. 1 He is ardently attached to his wife.

25. Is there a name tag attached to them?

26. Each Veda has several Brahmanas attached to it

27. All eight legs are attached to the Cephalothorax

28. It'll be attached to the ship's main console.

29. The research unit is attached to the university.

30. The written directions are attached to the tool.

31. Armed with missiles attached to the lower body.

32. There are hospitals attached to factories and mines.

33. Why are you so attached to this girl?

34. The children are very attached to their grandparents.

35. Heavy metal discs are attached to a barbell.

36. Covenants attached to real property are real Covenants

37. Trailer having secondary wheel attached to adjustable leg

38. Aspirations have two unique traits attached to each

39. Our regiment is attached to the first division.

40. Hear you've been attached to Winston's toy shop.

41. I no longer feel attached to this company.

42. My name tag is attached to my baggage.

43. 7 Our regiment is attached to the first division.

44. Is there a dining car attached to the train?

45. There is a copy of... attached to this letter.

46. Charnel (plural Charnels) A chapel attached to a mortuary

47. How are the Basidiospores attached to the basidia? 10

48. The patient has a tube Attached to his arm.

49. Good thing my head's attached to my neck, right?

50. A red wire is often attached to the anode.