Use "shame on you" in a sentence

1. Shame on you.

2. Fool me once, shame on you.

3. If its A live wire in a factory - shame on you for being in …

4. She asked you to do her dirty work for her and you agreed, Archbishop, shame on you.

5. Borderlander replied to Elder_Haman's topic in Wheel of Time TV Show That is a low blow, shame on you

6. The Crowd shouted: "Shame on you," "Leave them alone" and "Arrest your own." Police stormed the stage, handcuffed women and dragged them into police vans

7. This sort of “sigh, shame-on-you” comment can be used in all kinds of situations, but is almost always experienced as Condescending. It’s the the sort of thing an exasperated parent would say to