Use "round dance" in a sentence

1. Carol definition is - an old round dance with singing

2. After the CBRC cracked down at the end of 200 this pas de deux became more of a round dance.

3. Welcome! The Buckaroos Square and Round Dance Club of Warrington is all about square dance, and square dance is all about fun

4. The analysis of four different patterns of idyll prospects, round dance, husbands and wives, poets and virginity, shows the hidden philosophical, political and life meaning in these idyll prospects.

5. In round dance a person who performs this function is called a cuer.Their role is fundamentally the same as a Caller, in that they tell dancers what to do in a given dance, though they

6. Carol (third-person singular simple present carols, present participle (UK) carolling or (US) caroling, simple past and past participle (UK) carolled or (US) Caroled) (intransitive, historical) To participate in a carol (a round dance accompanied by singing).