Use "objectified" in a sentence

1. I felt objectified.

2. Endoscopically, no lesions were objectified in 75% and 61.8% respectively in the fundus and antrum.

3. Only those groups, possessing objectified consciousness, can be said to anchor their thoughts and perceptions by social representations.

4. Ishmael the character is an objectified self, a projection of the self image and frame of mind of the narrator hero.

5. As a photographer, Smith pushed back against the sidelining of Black art and subjectivity through scenes drawn inimitably from her own life as an Aestheticized and objectified woman of color.

6. And it may lead to a vicious cycle in which women are first objectified and, as a result, underperform, confirming the notion that women's looks are more important than what they can do.

7. Even if one could not detect in his work the distinctive anachronisms of Scott’s narratives, whereby contemporary material pressures and tensions were Analeptically displaced and objectified in the recent past, there was still the attempt to set common lives against a background of world historical events.

8. Bureaucratised thinking, speaking and planning, which goes hand in hand with translating Islam into the language of modern state bureaucracy, informs the quest for objectified evidence-making, as manifested in Darusysyifa's case or the MIB bureaucracy's statistical success rates, “visions and missions” and five-year-plans, among other examples.

9. This is the official blog of Catcalled, a two-week long writing project by women living in New York on their experiences with being objectified and sexually harassed on city streets.Each daily log was kept by one of our 11 participants over the course of two weeks in August 2012