Use "katherine dunham" in a sentence

1. Sometimes Katherine goes by various nicknames including Brindell R Conner, Katherine C Brindell and Katherine Conner Brindell.

2. You've been experiencing an acute nominal aphasia, Agent Dunham.

3. Katherine Burgler, DDS offer telehealth services?

4. 'You certainly won't!' Katherine said positively.

5. Katherine sat motionless looking at Philippe.

6. He is utterly adorable, Katherine.

7. 53 records for Katherine Bitting

8. Katherine Barrell, Actress: Wynonna Earp

9. Katherine sat in a sulky silence.

10. He waited patiently for Katherine to speak.

11. She's a dead ringer for Katherine.

12. Her Katherine is sparkling, strong and lightening fast.

13. It wasn't that Katherine wasn't enamoured of Paris.

14. Dunham divides the rocks into four main groups based on relative proportions of coarser clastic particles.

15. 8 She is to be costarred with Katherine again.

16. Katherine could smell the high sweet scent of marijuana.

17. Katherine gazed out at the empty Manhattan streets.

18. Does Dr. Katherine Baltis-Levy, OD offer telehealth services?

19. Relatives & associates include Michelle Berly, Courtney Berly and Katherine Berly

20. With a sinking feeling, Katherine rearranged the items in her satchel.

21. 9 Katherine Hepburn co-starred with Spencer Tracy in many films.

22. • Katherine was suddenly Acutely aware that he sounded boyish , happy

23. In Lyddie by Katherine Paterson, Lyddie Appreciates the safety of …

24. Katherine works up a full profile based on the note.

25. I asked one of the nurses why Katherine was catatonic.

26. Katherine still considered him a child and treated him accordingly.

27. Katherine (Kate) is an Owner and Co-Founder of Collaborate

28. Bony Levy Katherine Pavé Diamond Ring (Nordstrom Exclusive) $1,795.00.

29. The Dunham Tool expanding Collet is designed for use with standard air Collet or hydraulic cylinders or other Collet fixtures

30. Also, watch Katherine and Sophie on TLC's new show DC Cupcakes.

31. Born: france, father: asa paul, mother: katherine Belutes pawlaczyk, anna f

32. 24 Katherine assumed that there was something wrong with her mothering.

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34. Awald Peter Martin was born to August and Katherine (Stolle) Marten

35. Bellyaches - Single Katherine Ho Pop · 2019 Preview SONG TIME Bellyaches

36. Katherine Heigl is done Apologizing With Netflix’s ‘Firefly Lane,’ the actress is taking back control Katherine Heigl maintains her balance by staying firmly rooted at home in Utah except

37. Anthropologists; Find out more about the greatest 20th Century Anthropologists, including Jane Goodall, Ann Dunham, Pierre Bourdieu, Margaret Mead and Steven Pinker

38. Downtown Houston construction still Abuzz despite COVID Katherine Feser 1/25/2021

39. She had been pale, listless, disaffected and Katherine was stricken by remorse.

40. Dunham and his wife Setsuko, moved to Den-en-chōfu, an affluent suburb of Tokyo, where they lived from 1970–75.

41. Cast notes Katherine Heigl is credited as a series regular from 1x01 through 6x18.

42. He became moody and unreasonable, flailing out at Katherine at the slightest excuse.

43. Edward had 7 siblings: Katherine Braunlich , Michael Angelo Brast and 5 other siblings

44. Baltis Katherine knows you need amazing eye care to keep you seeing your best

45. The Dunham Tool Expanding Collet provides an expanding member to locate and hold work from the inside, using your present 5C, 16C, and

46. He suffered from manic depression, which gradually got worse, culminating in his suicide when Katherine was

47. Summary: Katherine Brindell is 35 years old and was born on 01/01/1986

48. 8 Katherine: Me too. I especially like this sashimi. How do they cook it?

49. Katherine is not going to leave Nadia's side unless not leaving compromises her identity.

50. Jackson and his mother Katherine leave court during his 2005 trial for molestation charges.

51. A new year without Sylvie, Katherine thought with a mixture of guilt and jubilation.

52. Bliss (1981), by Peter Carey; Bliss, a 2005 novel by Fiona Zedde; Bliss (short story) (1920), by Katherine Mansfield; republished in: Bliss (short story collection): and Other Stories (1920) by Katherine Mansfield; Fictional entities

53. Find Katherine Bitting's phone number, address, and email on Spokeo, the leading online directory for contact information.

54. To become formed or shaped. I asked one of the nurses why Katherine was catatonic.

55. Katherine lay on the bed which had become hers and gazed blankly at the ceiling.

56. Katherine Lisa Brailing a load of skipjack aboard in the late 70s off of Panama

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58. Volusia County ignored Katherine Harris' s advisory opinion and they are almost completed with their recount

59. A made-over Katherine/"Devlin" then meets with Danny and Palmer and gives them her blessing.

60. As the taxi pulled up in front of the temple, Katherine, my grandson’s wife, began to cry.

61. THE MAYOR'S WIFE ANNA KATHERINE GREEN His mouth was grimly set, his hands steady, his voice Crisply professional

62. Bitten begins when Katherine and her friends end up in a place they know they shouldn't be in

63. “AFBF Congratulates Katherine Tai on her confirmation to serve as the next United States Trade Representative

64. Peter is related to Kathy Baltis and Katherine B Levy as well as 3 additional people

65. Debra Ann Bachel was born July 25, 1952, in Virginia to Carl and Katherine (Boyle) Marks

66. Africanisms in the Gullah Dialect (Southern Classics) Turner, Lorenzo Dow; Mille, Katherine Wyly; Montgomery, Michael B

67. That helped his hangover, too, but he couldn't so easily brush off the questions about Katherine.

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69. On 2 February 1503, she gave birth to a daughter, Katherine, but the child died a few days afterwards.

70. The already skittish horse Balked at the sudden change in direction, but Katherine fought with it impatiently.

71. John is related to Katherine P Agre and Robert J Agre as well as 3 additional people

72. Previous to Katherine's current city of Raleigh, NC, Katherine Brindell lived in Washington DC and Memphis TN

73. Katherine Lundy was determined that her children would grow up unaffected and untainted by the cursed country.

74. Katherine Lundy shook her head savagely, digging the palms of her hands into her eyes and rubbing hard.

75. This Katherine bites the heads off rag-dolls and threatens her sister Bianca with a pair of pinking shears.

76. Here c1535 Katherine of Berain was born, one of the most charismatic and colourful figures in Tudor Wales

77. Katherine sat silently for a long moment, her eyes growing perceptibly wider, the colour draining from her cheeks.

78. As for Jamie, he saw her as nothing but a helpmate for Katherine and a nursemaid for Patrick.

79. In August of that year, he met Katherine ("Kitty") Puening, a radical Berkeley student and former Communist Party member.

80. Japan portal Holidays portal Culture portal Children's Day (Japan) Hinamatsuri Japanese festivals Culture of Japan Holidays of Japan Rupp, Katherine (2003).