Use "corpse" in a sentence

1. The Corpse Washer.

2. The murderer dismembered the corpse.

3. The corpse was barely recognizable.

4. It's connected to that octopus's corpse?

5. The corpse has been posted.

6. He is also a corpse bearer.

7. At least the corpse wasn't particularly unpleasant.

8. It was her corpse, without a doubt.

9. Official Cannibal Corpse merch and music

10. But only on a fresh corpse.

11. They disinterred a corpse from the grave.

12. You'll be blamed for delivering my corpse.

13. Butchered at Birth, an Album by Cannibal Corpse

14. Suicide as street theatre, murder by corpse.

15. Another wasted corpse in yet another unmarked grave.

16. They saw the corpse sprawled on the steps.

17. Desecrating his memorial is like defiling his corpse!

18. And that's the story Of our Corpse Bride

19. They deposited the supposed corpse on the bier.

20. The corpse still lay sheeted on the bed.

21. What she saw was just an unfeeling corpse.

22. Bier definition: a platform or stand on which a corpse or a coffin containing a corpse rests before burial Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

23. Only photos and videos of the corpse survive.

24. He recoiled at the sight of the corpse.

25. A genuine corpse appears and you don't notice?

26. 5 They disinterred a corpse from the grave.

27. Cadaverous definition is - of or relating to a corpse

28. The stench of a corpse could cover that smell!

29. The flames licked around the wood, around the corpse.

30. He scrabbled in the snow for the rotten corpse.

31. The corpse was found by children playing in the woods.

32. I'll try to attract the vampire with the corpse oil.

33. The corpse was in an advanced stage of decomposition.

34. He blanched at the sight of the mutilated corpse.

35. Let's hope the corpse oil will attract the vampire.

36. 17 The corpse was laid out by the undertaker.

37. Catapulted Death: Can a Flying Corpse Distribute the Plague? Matthew J

38. Cannibal Corpse has graced us with yet another solid effort

39. The corpse bearers have taken the bodies to be buried.

40. I was ordered to take this corpse to the incinerator.

41. The corpse was disinterred and re-examined by the coroner.

42. Ultimately, the entire corpse was wrapped with clean linen bandages.

43. ♫ I'd be a corpse on the African plain ♫

44. We searched a corpulent corpse and a letter of correspondence.

45. He recoiled in horror at the sight of the corpse.

46. ... until his corpse, unburied, is carrion for foxes and crows!

47. We found a corpulent corpse and a letter of correspondence.

48. The corpse lay face down in a pool of blood.

49. Cadaveric ( comparative more Cadaveric, superlative most Cadaveric ) Pertaining to a corpse

50. 2 The corpse was disinterred and re-examined by the coroner.

51. Soon after, at a funeral, Young said, he envied the corpse.

52. If he ran, it ran too, moving stiffly, like a corpse.

53. The corpse may even have been burned or perhaps devoured by beasts.

54. The definition of a Corse is a dead body or corpse

55. The corpse has been extensively examined, measured, X-rayed, and dated.

56. Cerement - burial garment in which a corpse is wrapped winding-clothes , winding-sheet , pall , shroud burial garment - cloth used to cover a corpse in preparation for burial

57. Ahriman uses a corpse as a media of the black magic. The explosion of the corpse will cause enormous damage and will infect the target with disease.

58. It was featherlight, this corpse, and upon its visage, astonishing tranquility.

59. Cadaverous Meaning: "gangrenous, mortified;" 1620s "of or belonging to a corpse;" 1660s, "looking like a corpse;" from Latin… See definitions of Cadaverous.

60. As Aegisthus is uncovering the corpse, he orders Orestes to call for Clytemnestra, and then, as the corpse is revealed, he sees that it belongs to Clytemnestra herself.

61. The Comeliest corpse in all the world And worthy of a queen’s embrace

62. Addressing the corpse, Jesus commands: “Young man, I say to you, Get up!”

63. Addressing the corpse, Jesus commanded: “Young man, I say to you, Get up!”

64. The corpse is bathed, clothed in white, and laid out on a bed.

65. If it's another funeral, have the corpse leave his name at the desk!

66. Nichols also was convicted of hiding a corpse and a felon a firearm.

67. A supernatural power or voodoo belief can enter into and reanimate a corpse.

68. 7 They beheld in that fearful countenance - the very image of a corpse!

69. Cadaverous: ( kă-dav'er-ŭs ), Having the pallor and appearance resembling a corpse.

70. The have desecrated and defiled a corpse... committing the sin of necromancy.

71. 8 It was featherlight, this corpse, and upon its visage, astonishing tranquility.

72. It resembled a corpse in a Crouching position, with long white hair

73. The corpse had lain preserved in the soil for almost two millennia.

74. We left my hated enemy to rot in my own walking corpse.

75. We passed the desiccated corpse of a brigand hanging on a gibbet.

76. We strive like obsequious morticians to provide consolation by enshrining a corpse.

77. Bier (plural Biers) A litter to transport the corpse of a dead person

78. Finally, the authorities were forced to take action and dispose of the corpse.

79. A living corpse who can only speak via the vibrations of his tongue.

80. Without a good family, an individual away inside like a corpse without innards.