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2. Polymath & Boffin, Floriana, Malta

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5. Ohio had the highest population of Boffin

6. Boffin is designed for Small and Medium Businesses

7. THE ARTIST : Marc Boffin At the age of 7, Marc Boffin was already student at the Museum of Fine Arts in Nancy

8. Definition of Boffin (noun): expert on particular subject

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10. Boffin – from Wikipedia: “Boffin is a British slang term for a scientist, engineer, or other person engaged in technical or scientific research and development”

11. Boffin Font: A simple little typeface for all things technical

12. “Boffin” is also sometimes loosely applied to any sort of expert in any field, although the more obscure the field, the more likely you are to be labeled a “Boffin.” Unfortunately, the origin of the term “Boffin” is a mystery

13. About Boffin Boffin: Bringing you 24+ years of expertise in the translation and localization industry Founded in 1996 by IT-industry and software-development veterans, Boffin began as one of only a few translation and localization service providers in China

14. In 1840 there was 1 Boffin family living in Ohio

15. Important members include Berylla Boffin, who was an ancestor of both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, and Folco Boffin, who helped Frodo in his move from Bag End.

16. Important members include Berylla Boffin, who was an ancestor of both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins, and Folco Boffin, who helped Frodo in his move from Bag End

17. What does Boffin mean? A scientist, especially one engaged in research

18. The most Boffin families were found in the UK in 1891

19. A Boffin is a scientist, especially one who is doing research.

20. Boffin magnetic kit is versatile thanks to large selection of components

21. Welcome to Boffin Access Limited We are pleased to make your acquaintance

22. Boffin is an informal word that is more common in the U.K

23. Anglophile sounds like an anthropological boffin, while Anglophilia sounds like a disease

24. Boffin: [noun] a scientist, engineer, or person employed in a technical field

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26. Another word for Boffin: expert, authority, brain(s), intellectual, genius Collins English Thesaurus

27. This is the British English definition of Boffin.View American English definition of Boffin.

28. Boffin: A Boffin is British slang for a scientist, engineer, or other person engaged in World Heritage Encyclopedia, the aggregation of the largest online encyclopedias available, and the most definitive collection ever assembled.

29. 17 synonyms for Boffin: expert, authority, brain(s), intellectual, genius, guru, inventor, thinker, wizard

30. Before launching Boffin, George co-founded JJPCB (Ticker: SHE:000027), a PCB manufacturing company.

31. Boffin will attend VALVE WORLD EXPO ASIA 2019in the period of 28-29th Aug 2.

32. Despite its youth, however, the origins of "Boffin" are a mystery to us.

33. Checking on the Boffin was her first responsibility, a duty she was already late for.

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35. And Boffin is not unknown as a real surname: it’s a variant on the Welsh Baughan

36. Much of Marc Boffin work draws from the fusing influences of pop art and street art culture.

37. Boffin's Bower is the name Mrs Boffin christened it when we come into it as a property

38. The Boffin family name was found in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Scotland between 1840 and 1920

39. Boffin is a platform game published in 1985 by Addictive Games for the Acorn Electron and BBC Micro

40. Boffin engineering and concrete solutions We provide high quality, innovative concrete solutions and services in engineering and construction industry

41. Polymath & Boffin is an organisation focused on the sourcing of finance for commercial concepts, through strategic development &

42. The Boffin Family was a prominent family of the Shire, associated with the region of the Yale in the Eastfarthing

43. With the Boffin assembly kit, kids can learn the basics of electronics and physics in a simple and fun way

44. Boffin Amid concerns about "Boffins" reducing the game to spreadsheets, managers will constantly reiterate the primacy of the human touch.

45. Boffin Colloquial word used to refer to highly trained specialists in their respective fields; especially when the exact field of specialty is unknown

46. "Boffin is the highly entertaining story of a man who has lived and breathed science, its excitement, interest and difficulty." -- Europe and Astronomy "Boffin is a gripping, amusing and informative record of the life of a great 'middleman' capable of relating the world of science to the practicalities of the everyday world

47. Boffin Access Limited is dedicated to publishing extraordinary content while adhering to the high standards of the internationally accepted code of publication ethics outlined by COPE

48. Boffin Lodge is a purpose built 3* Guest House.(1999)It has a wide variety of accommodation available incl a 4 Poster Room with open fireplace

49. Seriously, the Boffin was a particular type of scientist who could understand the viewpoint of the services, who worked with them, and who frequently shared their dangers.

50. Boffin-Bloke-September 25, 2020 Investors apathy to Nigerian securities amid foreign exchange control, illiquidity and other macroeconomic risks have affected foreign portfolio investments in the local markets.

51. Boffin: 1 n (British slang) a scientist or technician engaged in military research Type of: investigator , research worker , researcher a scientist who devotes himself to doing research

52. Boffin (n.) "person engaged in innovative research," especially in aviation, 1945; earlier "elderly naval officer" (1941), of uncertain origin, probably from one of the …

53. The Boffin (anglicization of Bophîn, name of unknown meaning in Hobbitish Westron) family are a prominent hobbit family of The Shire, associated with the region of the Yale in the Eastfarthing

54. British informal a scientist, esp one carrying out military research a person who has extensive skill or knowledge in a particular field a Treasury Boffin informal someone who is considered to be very …

55. George Jie Zhao, co-founder and president of Boffin Language Group Inc., an Asian language service provider, is on a mission to develop innovative ideas and practices that will disrupt, in a good way, the changing language industry

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57. With a rare and beautiful ease one can now ring up a Boffin, as I did the other day, and say: "As a price for not opposing our Parliamentary Powers for a new marshalling yard, the Council at X demands that the bridge over X Lane shall have 16 ft

58. Then, Mr Wegg, in a dry unflinching way, entered on his task; going straight across country at everything that came before him; taking all the hard words, biographical and geographical; getting rather shaken by Hadrian, Trajan, and the Antonines; stumbling at Polybius (pronounced Polly Beeious, and supposed by Mr Boffin to be a Roman virgin