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1. Augusto Boer Bront, Magister Armorum

2. 3 synonyms for Afrikaner: Afrikander, Boer, Afrikaans

3. 1900 – Second Boer War: British troops relieve Mafeking.

4. I missed Matata's sixth sense and the Boer war rifle.

5. Boer nationalism merely erected a massive legislative panoply for racial discrimination.

6. From 1899 to 1901 he fought in the Boer war.

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8. Three years later, in South Africa during the Second Boer War, Baden-Powell was besieged in the small town of Mafikeng (Mafeking) by a much larger Boer army.

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10. Most of these guns are relics from the Boer War.

11. Yvo de Boer is the top climate official at the United Nations.

12. The Boer War, or South African War, of 1899-1902 was pretty pointless.

13. It included a rifle rack and was used in the Second Boer War.

14. In 1899, 20 years later, the Anglo-Boer war started, lasting almost four years.

15. They relieved the three besieged cities, and invaded the two Boer republics in late 1900.

16. As in the Boer War, pocket watches were uncomfortable and even dangerous to use in combat situations.

17. The Afrikaners won the First Boer War, but the British still coveted the rich African resources

18. This article is particular in solving the problem of inhancing the conception rats of boer goats.

19. Perhaps unsurprisingly, de Boer was a rare optimistic voice amid the clamour of blame and recrimination.

20. As guerrillas without uniforms, the Boer fighters easily blended into the farmlands, which provided hiding places, supplies, and horses.

21. Small wonder that, by the time of the Boer War, the pacifists felt like a small and beleaguered minority.

22. A career soldier, he had died leading his men into battle at Spion Kop during the Boer War.

23. Afrikaner and British tensions over the ownership of the land quickly escalated into the two Boer Wars

24. Most of the guns, however, were at least 40 years old, some of them relics from the Boer War.

25. The Boer answers at quiet:I certainly know I also hope earnestly to take down this ball very.

26. This was the one international issue between the Boer War and 1914 which mobilized large public demonstrations.

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28. • Once again, however, it took the fears engendered by the Boer War to Arouse widespread interest in the issue.

29. Once again, however, it took the fears engendered by the Boer War to arouse widespread interest in the issue.

30. I was comforted when Matata showed me a Boer war rifle wrapped in rags in the bottom of the canoe.

31. Die Blad is gestig rondom die debat oor die Boer(volk) of Afrikaner, asook Boere-Afrikaners of omgekeerd

32. 1900 - Oscar II, King of Sweden, declares support for Britain at the time of the Second Boer War.

33. During his army career, Churchill saw military action in India, in the Sudan and the Second Boer War.

34. A historical X-ray of the foot of a Boer War (1899-190 soldier, showing a gunshot wound.

35. De Boer has failed to impress since his arrival from Barcelona, but his presence here gave Rangers lustre.

36. Small wonder that, by the time of the Boer War(, the pacifists felt like a small and beleaguered minority.

37. De Boer has produced an equally stimulating epilogue, collating well the topics in the book into an integrating conservation framework.

38. Many officers began to wear trench coats at the turn of the century, during the Boer War in South Africa.

39. As in the Boer War, the issue of peace cut across class lines, opening the way to a political realignment.

40. 1900 - Scottish Borderers Militia - a 3rd militia was formed - for service in the Second Boer War, and embarked for South Africa two months later

41. This is a list of Blockhouses built by the British Empire in South Africa during the Second Anglo-Boer War from 1899–1901

42. Discovering Anzacs Explore a diverse selection of government records about Australians and New Zealanders in World War I and the Boer War

43. Winston Churchill, Life Magazine's Man of The Century, first made a name for himself as a daring soldier in the Boer War.

44. DNA samples were harvested from 11 Boer billy goat and amplified by 10 selected arbitrary primers, and 113 markers including 31 polymorphic markers were observed.

45. From the Boer War to the present day peacekeeping missions, Australians at War is the most comprehensive visual record ever made of our wartime history

46. British soldiers were dressed in Boer uniforms to reconstruct skirmishes, and it was reported that the British commander-in-chief, Lord Roberts, consented to be Biographed …

47. 10 DNA samples were harvested from 11 Boer billy goat and amplified by 10 selected arbitrary primers, and 113 markers including 31 polymorphic markers were observed.

48. During the Second Boer War the British forces built a large number of fortifications in South Africa.Around 441 were solid masonry Blockhouses, many of which stand today

49. A former Prime Minister of England said in regard to the Boer War, that it "served to maintain the principle that the smaller nationalities should not be oppressed."

50. The Afrikaners' defeat in the South African War [Boer War] was a crucial turning point in their history; their greatly outnumbered troops suffered a military defeat, and more than 26,000

51. Afrikaner - a white native of Cape Province who is a descendant of Dutch settlers and who speaks Afrikaans Afrikander , Boer South African - a native or inhabitant of South Africa

52. Louis Botha, formerly a Boer general, was appointed first Prime Minister of the Union, heading a coalition representing the white Afrikaner and English-speaking British diaspora communities.

53. The library said it would focus on digitizing newspapers documenting historical events in the 19th century, including the Crimean War, the Boer War and the suffragette movement.

54. Travers, T. H. E. "Technology, Tactics, and Morale: Jean de Bloch, the Boer War and British Military Theory, 1900-19 " Journal of Modern History 51 (June 19: 264-

55. The Afrikaners – as the descendants of the Boer settlers eventually became known – constructed their identity in opposition to, on the one hand, black identities, and on the other to Anglo

56. Known as "Reverse" Buller by his troops during the Second Boer War, the Englishman was first defeated at the Battle of Colenso and subsequently lost his position as overall commander.

57. In his early days Gandhi served as a stretcher-bearer on the British side in the Boer War, and he was prepared to do the same again in the war of 1914-

58. Bushman (reggae singer) (born 1973), Jamaican musician Bushman contingents, formations of Australian mounted troops who fought in the Second Boer War World Famous Bushman, San Francisco busker People who live in the Alaskan bush

59. The only fact that Britain refused to supply Canada with enough Lee-Enfield rifles during the second Boer war resulted in adoption of the . 303 caliber Ross Mark I rifle in 190

60. If the British immediately established positions on Conical Hill and Aloe Knoll (the two unoccupied kopjes on the kop itself) they could bring their artillery to bear on Tabanyama, threatening the key Boer positions there.

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62. Contrary to the advice of several British officials such as Sir Alfred Milner, the High Commissioner for Southern Africa, the Boer governments were not over-awed by the despatch of British troops to Natal.

63. Johanna Brandt (18 November 1876 in Heidelberg, South African Republic – 13 January 1964 in Newlands, Cape Town) was a South African propagandist of Afrikaner nationalism, spy during the Boer War, prophet and writer on controversial health subjects.

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65. The pattern designed by William Silver Oliver, a surgeon with the Canadian military, became the first truly Canadian system of accoutrements put to use, and was employed from the Boer War to the beginning of the First World War.

66. Afrikaner nationalism (Afrikaans: Afrikanernasionalisme) is a political ideology that was born in the late nineteenth century among Afrikaners in South Africa.It was immensely influenced by anti-British sentiment which grew strong among the Afrikaners, especially because of the Boer Wars.

67. Nostalgic and atmospheric, "Cavalcade" traces the lives of two families (one "upstairs" in society and one "downstairs") through three decades, from the Boer war at the end of the 19th century through the WW1 and the early 1930s

68. “Boer,” pronounced “Bo Er “is a Dutch/Africans term meaning farmer, and “Boel” pronounced “Bowl” means dog, so together what you have is the farmer’s dog.Similar to other farm dogs Boerboels are all around work dogs that may perform a variety of tasks in a day

69. The Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (Afrikaner Resistance Movement) (AWB) is a South African far right separatist political and former paramilitary organisation, since its creation dedicated to secessionist Afrikaner nationalism and the creation of an independent Boer-Afrikaner republic or "Volkstaat/Boerestaat" in part of South Africa.In its heyday in the 1980s and 1990s, the organisation

70. After the four South African colonies united politically into the Union of South Africa and relinquished control to democratic elections, a small, anonymous group of young intellectuals called the Afrikaner Broederbond, formed in the years following the Second Anglo-Boer War to discuss strategies for addressing the overwhelming social problem of poor whites and other Afrikaner interests.