Use "bobby socks" in a sentence

1. Bobby soxers were usually teenage girls in high schools and colleges, who got their name from the popular bobby socks

2. Bobby soxers By the mid-1940s, ankle socks and saddle shoes symbolized teenage girls

3. Bobbysoxers The white anklets known as bobby sox (socks) rocked the conservative world when teenagers began wearing the socks with saddle shoes as a form of adolescent rebellion in the late 40s

4. Bobby soxer (plural Bobby soxers)

5. Bobby-soxer`s dance (1) Bobby-soxer`s event (1) Bobby-soxer`s main squeeze (1) Bobby-soxer`s Of course! (1) Bobby-soxer`s reaction to Sinatra (1) Bobby-soxer`s turn-on (1) Bobby-soxers often did this (1) Bobby-soxers` drinks (1) Bobby-soxers` footwear (1) Bobbysoxer hairdo (1) Bobbysoxer idol (1) Bobbysoxer`s footwear (1) Bobbysoxer`s hangout

6. Dark socks.

7. Hold on, Bobby!

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9. Go Bobby soxer Lyrics: Bobby band a-rocking / And the Bobby soxer's doing the twist / It's a Bobby soxer beat / And you can rock it any way you wish / Work out, Bobby soxer, you can / Wiggle like a

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11. Bobby soxer [ Feat- Eain Chit ] - အာရံု [ MTV ] Title - အာရံု [ MTV ]ဒါရုိက္တာ -Win Lwin HtetCast By Bobby soxer, Eain Chit , Kyaw SuVocal - Bobby soxer, Eai

12. Bobby-soxer; Bobbysoxer; Etymology []

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14. Bobby signed the report.

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16. Bobby, it's our last chance.

17. He saves on socks.

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20. I have red socks.

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23. He was wearing odd socks.

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25. Just socks. And a melon.

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28. Purvis Bobby, Baldpates General Contracting

29. Hey, are those bobby pins?

30. Bobby Darren was Crooning ‘Dream Lover’

31. Do you have a bobby pin?

32. Sorry, Bobby, I can't rat.

33. Peppermint sherbet and persimmon socks

34. Maybe Monica has a bobby pin.

35. Actively black low cut performance socks

36. Yarn for the boy's grey socks.

37. Put on your shoes and socks.

38. Bobby poked him in the ribs.

39. My boyhood hero was Bobby Charlton.

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41. Bobby knew the repercussions about homosexual lifestyle.

42. Bobby was eighteen, nineteen, something like that.

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44. Bobby soxer may refer to: Bobby soxer (singer), Burmese singer and actress; Bobby soxer (music), fan of 1940s traditional pop music; The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer, 1947 American comedy This page was last edited on 12 September 2019, at 20:38 (UTC)

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46. Next a tiger and Bobby said, " Pussy. "

47. Dave, the bobby, was just the opposite.

48. 26 He wears clean socks every day.

49. Bobby was too happy to be bothered.

50. What does Bobby soxer mean? Information and translations of Bobby soxer in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

51. She shifted her gaze from me to Bobby.

52. Bobby finished his homework under his own steam.

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54. Socks, suspenders, throw me a bone here.

55. Vegan, sandals and socks kind of guy.

56. I have worn my socks into holes.

57. Bobby! Can I tell you a secret?

58. Makes Bobby Brown look like a novice.

59. She wore sneakers and droopy yellow socks.

60. You don't get to be jealous anymore, Bobby.

61. Bobby: You must be an anarchist at heart.

62. 24 Bobby was eighteen, nineteen, something like that.

63. Bobby drew a chair up to the table.

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65. The elastic in these socks has gone.

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68. I'm wearing odd socks today by the way.

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70. He stuffed a pair of socks in there.

71. 2 He was wearing running shoes, sans socks.

72. He was waggling his toes in his socks.

73. She bought many socks in the hosiery department.

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76. Yes, Bobby, secluded. Hardly anyone knew it was there.

77. He tucked his trouser bottoms into his socks.

78. Definition of Bobby soxer in the dictionary

79. We are full line Bobby Garland, Googan Baits

80. Bobby: Kelly, what's wrong? You look so downhearted.