Use "attend a meeting" in a sentence

1. Would you like to attend a meeting at the Kingdom Hall in your community?

2. An example of Available is a person who is free to attend a meeting.

3. Verb If you Attend a meeting or other event, you are present at it

4. BThe district attorney notifies them by letter to attend a meeting at the school auditorium.

5. After several weeks, when Abba and episcopal etc clergy attend a meeting, housekeeper rushed very alarmedly.

6. In March 2015, police detained her again to prevent her from going to Hanoi to attend a meeting at the German Embassy.

7. In another, ACIN’s youth group coordinator was able to attend a meeting in nearby Ecuador that he wouldn’t otherwise have known about.

8. Whether it’s to relax in the sun, play in the sand, explore the amusement parks and waterparks, or attend a meeting/convention, look no further – The Adventurer Oceanfront Inn is where your ultimate beach getaway begins!