Use "abrasive" in a sentence

1. Abrasives, abrasive paper, abrasive sheets, abrasive sand, abrasive strips, abrasive pads, abrasive cloth

2. Polishing and abrasive preparations, abrasive paper, abrasive pastes, abrasive cloth, abrasive textiles, abrasive preparations on foam pads

3. Abrasive materials, abrasive sheets, abrasive pads

4. Abrasive paper, abrasive paper rolls, abrasive cloth rolls, abrasive cloth

5. Emery paper and abrasive paper, abrasive sheets, abrasive fibres, abrasive fabrics

6. Abrasive synonyms, Abrasive pronunciation, Abrasive translation, English dictionary definition of Abrasive

7. Abrasive film, abrasive paper

8. Abrasive cloth, abrasive paper

9. Abrasive plates, abrasive pads and abrasive sheets for mechanical grinders

10. Router bits, abrasive sheets, abrasive discs, abrasive belts, sander sheets

11. Abrasive cloth and abrasive paper

12. Abrasive cutting stones, abrasive grinding stones, abrasive discs, wet grinding stones

13. Abrasive material comprising elongate abrasive bodies

14. Polishing stones, polishing paper, abrasive paper, abrasive cloth, cleaning, polishing, abrasive preparations

15. The abrasive sheet includes an abrasive support layer with abrasive particles arranged thereon, thereby defining an abrasive surface.

16. Abrasive discs and Abrasive wheels for grinders

17. Abrasive materials for abrasive discs and belts

18. Emery paper, abrasive paper and abrasive discs

19. Abrasive discs (hand tools), grinding belts, abrasive mats, abrasive sanding sponges, abrasive rollers, hand tools (hand-operated), tool belts (holders)

20. Abrasives, abrasive paper, abrasive sheets, abrasive cloths, sandpaper, glass paper, emery paper, emery cloth

21. Abrasive disc and abrasive wheel comprising the latter

22. The abrasive sheet (14) can be an abrasive paper or, alternatively, an abrasive pad.

23. Abrasive, grinding, polishing and sandblasting preparations, abrasive and polishing materials, abrasive materials, abrasive corundum or carborundum, hard sintered ceramic materials

24. Choose from our selection of Abrasive blasters, including Abrasive blasting guns, Abrasive blasting nozzles, and more

25. Abrasive particles and abrasion means with high abrasive power

26. Abrasive sheet and method for producing abrasive sheet

27. Grindstones, abrasive flap discs, abrasive mop wheels, abrasive fibre discs, all being parts of machines

28. Lofty open nonwoven abrasive articles, unitized abrasive wheels, and convolute abrasive wheels include a dipodal aminosilane.

29. Abrasive belts and abrasive disks for use with machines

30. Abrasive material

31. Abrasive belt

32. Abrasive material with different sets of plurality of abrasive elements

33. Abrasive discs

34. Abrasive belts

35. Abrasive paper

36. Abrasive cloth

37. Abrasive wheel

38. Abrasive tool

39. Supporting device for an abrasive tool and corresponding abrasive tool

40. Cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations, emery paper, abrasive cloths

41. Abrasive sheets

42. Abrasive powder

43. Abrasive disc

44. Abrasive plates and abrasive discs for machine tools and power tools

45. This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing abrasive grinding wheels, abrasive-coated materials and other abrasive products.

46. Glass paper, sandpaper, abrasive sheet metal, metal covered with an abrasive coating, metal sheet covered with an abrasive coating

47. Glass granulates (abrasive)

48. Accessories, parts and fittings for the aforesaid goods including abrasive sheets, abrasive discs, abrasive belts, abrasive cutting stones, abrasive grinding stones, wet grinding stones, sander sheets, dust bags for sanders, brushes, wire brushes, stirrer baskets, mixer baskets

49. A diamond abrasive, copper/tin/titanium sintered bond abrasive wheel is preferred.

50. Abrasive discs and belts being abrasive tools or parts of machines

51. • Abrasive Blasting Abrasive blasting is the process of cleaning or texturing materials such as metals and ceramics with an abrasive material.

52. Each aggregate abrasive grain comprises an abrasive core particle and a plurality of abrasive peripheral particles disposed around the core particle.

53. Abrasive flap disc

54. Thickened abrasive cleaner

55. Motorised abrasive belts

56. - sandpaper, abrasive paper,

57. Powerful abrasive medium

58. Abrasive grinding wheels

59. Abrasive particles (10) as a whole, methods for producing abrasive particles (10), moulds, abrasive articles, methods for producing abrasive articles and methods for abrading a surface are also disclosed.

60. Assortments Abrasive Assortments

61. Fibrous abrasive wheels

62. Abrasive grain powder

63. Coated abrasive belt

64. Internal abrasive machine

65. Abrasive tools (machines)

66. Recycling of abrasive preparations from industrial products and waste containing abrasive preparations

67. Diamond processing tools, namely abrasive buffers, polishing buffs, polishing burrs, abrasive wheels

68. Methods for making the abrasive tools utilizing agglomerated abrasive grain are described.

69. Abrasive article comprising individual abrasive elements such as flaps, and manufacture thereof

70. Terms of diamond polishing , Abrasive disks elbor , Shells of partition abrasive discs .

71. Abrasive blasting device

72. Abrasive finishing machines

73. Cylindrical abrasive brush

74. Abrasive blasting: carrying out abrasive blast cleaning (other than cleaning carried out in fully enclosed booths) or disposing of abrasive blasting material.

75. Disc grinders, Cut off wheels,Abrasive discs and abrasive stones (parts of machines)

76. A diamond abrasive, nickel/tin/molybdenum sintered bond abrasive wheel is preferred.

77. Textile fabrics being carrier material for polishing, calendering, cutting-off and abrasive preparations, in particular being carrier material for abrasive grain, for manufacturing abrasive lamella, in particular for serrated abrasive wheels

78. The Abrasive sponge is the Abrasive side that SpongeBob acquires in the episode "The Abrasive Side" to give negative answers

79. Abrasive paper in sheets

80. Abrasive grinding wheels (tools)