Use "abound" in a sentence

1. Spiritual Gems Abound!

2. Bad Things Abound!

3. Abound With Spiritual Discernment

4. Time-wasting pursuits abound.


6. Which among these does abound?

7. But theories -- often conflicting -- abound.

8. Similar stories abound today.

9. Streams abound with fish.

10. Songs about angels abound.

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12. Examples abound in modern texts.

13. Lawless, selfish, and ungodly attitudes abound.

14. Wild animals abound in this park.

15. Clusters, both open and globular, abound.

16. Definition of Abound When Unscrambled

17. Stories about his travels abound.

18. The lakes abound with fish.

19. However, various myths seem to abound.

20. Violations of these rights still abound.

21. Moreouer, the Lawe entred, that the offence might abound: but where sinne Abounded, grace did much more abound

22. Abound definition, to occur or exist in great quantities or numbers: a stream in which trout Abound

23. What about people? Social theories abound.

24. And why do quarreling and conflict abound?

25. Snares of this world and temptations abound.

26. 6 Yes, despoiling and violence abound.

27. Remnants of ancient human habitation abound.

28. Interesting developments abound in this subject.

29. Abound is dedicated to empowering independence.

30. Stories abound of vandalism and looting.

31. Superstitions abound with regard to salt.

32. Theories abound about how the earth began.

33. Examples of this abound in her book.

34. Abound means to have many of something

35. Abound - A wholesale marketplace for independent retailers.

36. Abound - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

37. Legends about the origin of this festivity abound.

38. Stories abound about when he was in charge.

39. Germs and parasites abound in polluted water.

40. Opportunities for employment abound in this boomtown.

41. The rivers there abound in/with fish.

42. How to use Abound in a sentence.

43. Similar examples of such indifferent cynicism abound.

44. Among current angel stories, rescue accounts abound.

45. Most of her poems abound in imagery.

46. Conspiracy and cover-up theories still abound.

47. Abound may naturally be deduced from the Celtic

48. It seems to me, I think, commitments abound.

49. More subtle forms of cultural influence also abound.

50. Though the suff’rings abound, Christ the Comfort Abounds

51. In spring, birds, flowers, rain, and frisbees Abound.

52. Why, especially today, should we “abound in hope”?

53. How do we come to “abound in hope”?

54. The forests abound with deer, birds and squirrels.

55. Theories abound for the decline of the sitcom.

56. Examples of China's truculence as viewed from Washington – abound.

57. Abound Coordination problems Abound, and their solutions are facilitated when players have the ability to quickly acquire expectations about fellow players' behavior

58. Abound definition: If things Abound , or if a place Abounds with things, there are very large numbers of Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

59. Abound Flowable Fungicide By providing reliable disease control, Abound® flowable fungicide extends retention of healthy green leaves until late in the season

60. Definition of Abound verb in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

61. Abound translate: abundar, abundar (en), ser rico (en), abundar

62. When things Abound, there are a lot of them

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64. But there is no confirmation, and rumors still abound.

65. Shall we continue in sin, that grace may abound?

66. Even more bizarre cases of expensive regulatory adventures abound.

67. AboundinG Meaning: "affluent," present-participle adjective from abound

68. Abounding Meaning: "affluent," present-participle adjective from abound

69. To have or possess in great quantity; to be copiously supplied; followed by with or in; as to Abound with provisions; to Abound in good things

70. Contradictory theories abound, with greater or lesser scientific foundation.

71. Rich resources and hidden wealth abound in these areas.

72. Accounts abound of the distress, trauma and injury involved.

73. In the spring, the fields Abound with blooming tulips.

74. Have you ever wondered why acts of vandalism abound?

75. Stories about Davis' temper, grudges and food fights abound.

76. Unconscious strategists abound in the pages of this book.

77. Rumours abound as to the reasons for his resignation.

78. Cryptonyms abound, littering every page with strings of capital letters

79. Lagoons, creeks, islands[ ], coves and deserted sandy beaches abound.

80. Abound verb be plentiful, thrive, flourish, be numerous, proliferate, be abundant, be thick on the ground, superAbound Stories Abound about when he was in charge.