abbot in Turkish

1. manastırın baş rahibi.

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1. Abbot synonyms, Abbot pronunciation, Abbot translation, English dictionary definition of Abbot

2. Abbot, save me.

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4. The Black Abbot!

5. Abbot Suger, forgive me.

6. String the Abbot up.

7. Help her, Abbot, help her.

8. For over 125 years Abbot & Abbot Box Corporation has been recognized as an industry leader

9. The Abbot Downing business was …

10. Good morning. Mrs. Abbot here.

11. Abbot supports C#, Python, and JavaScript

12. Abbot said to console you.

13. The abbot is now a prisoner.

14. Abbot, is he doing it well?

15. I need to find Abbot Larkin.

16. The abbot was a clever man.

17. Abbot Radulfus, er... forgive this late intrusion.

18. The abbot gave rice to the vixen.

19. " Do unto others ", isn't that right, Abbot?

20. I've enough trouble without crossing Abbot Radulfus.

21. Phenomenalizing Bamberg robber Besmouch whetile off-standing Abbot

22. Ailred is the abbot at a nearby monastery

23. Abbot Marcus was the finest of men.

24. Before delegating a visitor the Abbot General or the Father Immediate must consult the abbot of the monastery to be visited.

25. Abbot definition: An Abbot is the monk who is in charge of the other monks in a monastery or abbey

26. There he had gotten to know the abbot.

27. Abbot is provided under the Eclipse Public License (EPL)

28. He's just pretending to be the Abbot, that's all.

29. I dream of become the Abbot of Jinshan Temple

30. The abbot decided to hold the initiation ceremony tomorrow.

31. We will play a trick on the old abbot.

32. Download Abbot Java GUI Testing Framework for free

33. The abbot professed three of the young monks.

34. Abbot And every bishop, Abbot and abbess who is able to do so is to give a pound of silver in alms

35. The Abbot is ideally situated next to the MSU campus, at the intersection of Abbot and Grand River, with stunning views in every direction

36. Pierre is first known as Abbot of Pontigny from 1176 to 1178, then, from the end of 1180, was Abbot of Cîteaux.

37. Abbacy: The office, term, or jurisdiction of an abbot

38. I dream of become the Abbot of Jinshan Temple.

39. The abbot said... Natre will be cremated today.

40. Abbot looked blank. "I don't quite follow, sir.".

41. Definition of Abbot : the superior of a monastery for men Examples of Abbot in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web Residents of the area don’t hunt bats anymore since the Abbot has warned them against it, Ms

42. If a Commendatory abbot is an ecclesiastic, however, he …

43. Eliot, get me everything you can on a Lieutenant Abbot.

44. Notes: Frays affectingly Abbot self-amputation wreathing Bullocker mistered.

45. The Abbot of I'Epée runs a very good home.

46. Anselm is elected abbot of Bec Abbey, in Normandy.

47. From Abbot Marion's Holy Card The Monastic Community of Saint Martin’s Abbey Joyfully announces the Abbatial blessing of ABBOT MARION QUI-THAC NGUYEN, O.S.B

48. Why didn't the ancient temple abbot teach others these theories?

49. What does Abbate mean? Alternative form of abate (abbot)

50. Hymnarium Cisterciense, issued under Abbot Edmund Bernardini, Westmalle, 1941.