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1. Aggravated malicious wounding; penalty

2. I am capable of wounding you much more deeply.

3. He fired five shots, seriously wounding all four men.

4. The brothers fight and a gun accidentally discharges, wounding Stephen.

5. Stressful events were defined as agonistic interactions with wounding, translocations, and Anesthetizations

6. Police opened fire on protestors killing approximately 180 and wounding thousands.

7. Appling is accused of firing several shots, fatally wounding the man.

8. Dumdum bullets like this flatten on impact for maximum wounding effect.

9. Police evacuated adjacent buildings and exchanged fire with the attackers, wounding one.

10. 6 It seemed to embody a deep dislike, and she found that wounding.

11. Shell fragments rained down on Sheffield, killing three men and wounding several others.

12. All three are charged with wounding with intent to commit grievous bodily harm and Affray

13. The crime was as the main form with crime of wounding and crime of abducting.

14. Synonyms for Affronting include insulting, offending, outraging, slighting, provoking, piquing, vexing, wounding, displeasing and hurting

15. He was postumously Breveted Major General to rank from the date of his wounding

16. How Authoritarians Make You Sick Examining how authoritarian wounding can cause lifelong physical problems

17. Cor. 12 And sinning against the brothers and wounding their weak conscience against Christ.

18. Appling is accused of firing several shots, fatally wounding the man, and driving away from the scene

19. So by retreating or by reaching for retribution, you’re not only wounding your mate but destroying yourself.

20. If a Skeleton manages to score a wounding hit on an adventurer, something quite hideous happens.

21. Sixteen bullets tore into the van, killing Durell and a consulate secretary, and wounding a third employee.

22. Piercing weapons excel at wounding Behemoths with many players turning to the War Pike for the best results

23. Maize seedlings respond to heat shock, water stress, abscisic acid treatment, and wounding with the synthesis of stress-specific proteins.

24. Six officers were originally charged with conspiracy to pervert the course of justice and the seventh with unlawful wounding.

25. A posse led by a Lieutenant Moore fired, without provocation, on a large hunting party of Aboriginal men, women, and children—killing and wounding many.

26. A collision sent a car Barreling into an outdoor dining area in New York City Friday morning, flinging debris and wounding eight people, officials said

27. 3 April: At least 100 Vietnamese troops crossed into Thailand and fought hand-to-hand with a Thai border patrol, killing five Thai soldiers and wounding eight.

28. At 2200 hours on 16 May 2012, an armed terrorist group opened fire on law enforcement officers in the village of Ablin-Jabal al-Zawiyah, wounding Lieutenant Hasan Surak.

29. This ALI also was associated significantly with age and number of stressful events experienced over the individual's lifespan (defined as agonistic encounters with wounding, zoo transfers, and Anesthetizations).

30. Historic Sites Chancellorsville Battlefield T he battle of Chancellorsville involved more men, and resulted in more casualties, than any other engagement ever fought on Virginia soil, including the wounding of Gen

31. Barbed - capable of wounding; "a Barbed compliment"; "a biting aphorism"; "pungent satire" biting , mordacious , nipping , pungent sarcastic - expressing or expressive of ridicule that wounds

32. And Karen Armstrong, I think you would also say that it was some of your very wounding experiences in a religious life that, with a zigzag, have led to the Charter for Compassion.

33. She sank four barges during this period but sustained damage from Japanese aerial bombs on the night of 1 October which resulted in the death of two crew members and the wounding of 11 others.

34. In his re-creation of a turbulent era and its main protagonists, he captures the two peoples' essence with a lightness of touch and a Breeziness of style that, without wounding, reach their intended targets.

35. Sieve area pores of mature sieve elements are lined with the thicker callose and plugged with the electron-opaque P-protein, which may be the response to wounding on the phloem in preparing samples.

36. Adventitious roots are plant roots that form from any nonroot tissue and are produced both during normal development (crown roots on cereals and nodal roots on strawberry [ Fragaria spp.]) and in response to stress conditions, such as flooding, nutrient deprivation, and wounding.

37. • On 10 July 2015 armed terrorist groups belonging to the so-called Nusrah Front and Nuraldin al-Zanki Battalion terrorist organizations fired gas cylinders at the Maydan and Ramusah neighbourhoods in Aleppo, killing six civilians and wounding 25 others, most of them children and women.

38. Tell your healthcare carrier if you create hives, dark tinted pee, rash, itching, unusual wounding or bleeding, confusion, hoarseness, fever, blisters or peeling off skin, flu-like signs, Beclouded vision, difficulty breathing or ingesting, yellowing of the skin or eyes, loss of appetite, or extreme fatigue.

39. Bantering is defined as: “The playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks”. In many ways, it’s a verbal back-and-forth; it’s more dance than duel, where the goal is for both parties to enjoy themselves rather than one person or the other wounding or insulting the other.

40. Middle English blemisshen, to damage, injure, sully, from Anglo-French blemiss-, stem of blemir, blesmir, from Old French, literally, to make pale by wounding, of Germanic origin; akin to Old High German blas ros horse with a blaze, Old Norse blesi blaze — more at blaze Learn More about Blemish …

41. Dominic had held himself Aloof from everyone, wounding them in the process.: It is all becoming too complicated and so most subscribers prefer to keep themselves Aloof from the row for now and watch serials in peace.: The man seemed to have grasped the essence of standing Aloof from worldly anxieties

42. Jallianwala Bagh Massacre, Jallianwala also spelled Jallianwalla, also called Massacre of Amritsar, incident on April 13, 1919, in which British troops fired on a large crowd of unarmed Indians in an open space known as the Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar in the Punjab region (now in Punjab state) of India, killing several hundred people and wounding many hundreds more.

43. I have the honour to inform you that, between # and # arch # nited States and British military aircraft, taking off from their bases in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Turkey, continued to violate Iraqi airspace, carrying out a total of # aerial sorties, of which # were from Saudi Arabia # from Kuwait and # from Turkey, killing one civilian and wounding # others

44. Ali Bey used very severe measures to repress the Brigandage of the Bedouins of Lower Egypt.: Ali Bey utilizó medidas muy severas para reprimir el bandolerismo de los beduinos del Bajo Egipto.: The Aetolian League acquired a reputation for piracy and Brigandage.: La Liga Etolia adquirió fama por la piratería y el bandolerismo.: He abstains from wounding, murdering, binding, Brigandage

45. Wounding, assault and other violent behaviour not resulting in illness of persons or in their inability to work (punishable by a term of imprisonment of six days to two years and a fine of # to # alagasy francs, or by only one of these penalties, or by a term of imprisonment of two to five years and a fine of # to # alagasy francs, if there was malice aforethought or an ambush

46. Article # ntentional wounding and assault with malice aforethought or ambush shall be punishable by hard labour for life if it results in death; by hard labour for a specific term if the assault results in mutilation, amputation, the loss of the use of a limb, blindness or other disability, by a term of imprisonment of # to # years if the assault results in a person's illness or inability to work for more than # days

47. Wounding, assault and other violent behaviour not resulting in illness of persons or in their inability to work (punishable by a term of imprisonment of six days to two years and a fine of 25,000 to 90,000 Malagasy francs, or by only one of these penalties, or by a term of imprisonment of two to five years and a fine of 25,000 to 150,000 Malagasy francs, if there was malice aforethought or an ambush).