warmonger|warmongers in English


[war·mon·ger || 'wɔrmɑŋgə(r) /'wɔːmʌ-]

advocate of wa

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1. You are a warmonger.

2. The president is not a warmonger.

3. The warmongers kept up their drumbeat on Iraq.

4. Yet he is no warmonger.

5. We're not warmongers, but liberationists.

6. The speech hits out at warmongers.

7. Today, the warmongers are trying to scuttle the Vienna accord.

8. We denounce the preposterous statement of the warmonger Churchill.

9. The Socialists were trying to smear Churchill as a warmonger.

10. Despite the beliefs of foreigners, he had not really been a warmonger.

11. You know ... as I do ... that the Prussians have always been the warmongers.

12. Antonyms for Appeaser include agitator, fighter, instigator, warmonger, hawk, jingo, bellicist, militarist and war hawk

13. After describing the time of distress on the warmongers, to what does the angel next turn his attention?

14. He was determined not to let his work fall into the hands of warmongers.

15. Since he did not start the war, no one accuses him of being a warmonger.

16. Some saw him as a great statesman, but others saw him as a ruthless warmonger.

17. 10 We can't exclude the possibility that some warmongers will run the risk of starting a new world war.

18. True Christianity has never fostered vengeful, intolerant inquisitors, such as Tomás de Torquemada, or hateful warmongers, such as the papal promoters of the Crusades.

19. For these and other efforts, Reagan was attacked by liberals at the time as a dangerous warmonger, but conservative historians assert that he decisively won the Cold War.