warmly in English


cordially, heartily; in an enthusiastic manne

Use "warmly" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "warmly" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "warmly", or refer to the context using the word "warmly" in the English Dictionary.

1. His speech was warmly received.

2. They welcomed us warmly .

3. Belinda greeted her warmly.

4. Mary was saluted warmly.

5. She welcomed the visitors warmly.

6. Jack warmly embraced his son.

7. The translation was warmly greeted.

8. They embraced each other warmly.

9. He shook the warmly proffered hand.

10. He wrung my hand warmly.

11. She embraced her son warmly.

12. 2 synonyms for Cordially: warmly, heartily

13. Warmly commend all for their comments.

14. Pat wrapped the baby up warmly .

15. Wrap up warmly - it's bitter outside.

16. The boxes warmly applauded the famous violinist.

17. The two men greeted one another warmly.

18. 6 Terry greeted the visitor warmly .

19. Both questions will be warmly discussed at the meeting.

20. She congratulated me warmly on my performance.

21. 11 The two men greeted one another warmly.

22. You are warmly invited to speak with them.

23. Remember to wrap up warmly on cold days.

24. She told them to wrap up warm / warmly.

25. She buzzed them in and greeted them warmly.

26. It's cold and you should cover up warmly.

27. “The auditors warmly commended me for my honesty.” —Pierre, Cameroon.

28. The auditors warmly commended me for my honesty.”

29. I warmly congratulated him on the marvellous achievement.

30. They warmly hugged me to show their welcomes.

31. He grasped my hand and shook it warmly.

32. Jehovah’s Witnesses warmly invite you to do the same.

33. Make sure that the children are dressed warmly.

34. (= habillé) bien Couvert well wrapped up ⧫ warmly dressed

35. I smiled warmly so he wouldn't see my nervousness.

36. Everywhere they went,[Sentence dictionary] they were warmly welcomed.

37. 20 He warmly shook hands with those gathered around the rostrum.

38. She later wrote warmly of his bearing and behaviour.

39. (=habillé) bien Couvert well wrapped up, warmly dressed

40. The speech was warmly endorsed throughout the Arab world.

41. He greeted all the guests warmly as they arrived.

42. Warmly welcome you all to the Sales Promotion Symposium.

43. Make sure you wrap up warmly if you're going out.

44. Warmly commend congregation for their financial support of Kingdom interests.

45. The reform in teaching methods is warmly welcomed by students.

46. Baucis, the wife, and Philemon, the husband, welcome the two men warmly

47. 27 The visitors to the College were warmly welcomed by the Warden.

48. Hong Sing Tianchang City Group warmly welcome the arrival of tour guide.

49. You are most warmly invited to join us as an observer.

50. I warmly recommend Antinomies of Art and Culture.”—Homi K