vengeful in English

seeking to harm someone in return for a perceived injury.
a vengeful ex-con
synonyms: vindictive revengeful out for revenge unforgiving on the warpath

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1. You've never felt vengeful?

2. He was not a vengeful man.

3. The whole episode made me vengeful.

4. Anaxonia And vengeful murder red with navy

5. That's when a vengeful ghost brushes past.

6. And how did the vengeful Jezebel react?

7. It looked at you with a vengeful aspect.

8. Banshees, are vengeful female spirits that hail from Ireland

9. He was stabbed to death by his vengeful wife.

10. Banshees, are vengeful female (most) spirits that hail from Ireland

11. The vengeful demon had not forgotten his former jailors.

12. He was a cheapskate of Scroogelike dimensions, vengeful and snobbish.

13. What had he done to make Juliet so vengeful and bitter?

14. Avengeful definition: vengeful ; full of vengeance Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

15. Wagner remembered that Tuesday with quiet composure, neither tearful nor vengeful.

16. 25 Outraged client, former husband, vengeful wife, business rival, an enraged former pimp?

17. I think three little trespassers met the vengeful blade of the tribe.

18. Because if he was not vengeful, I would not exist, now, would I?

19. Hence, their discipline should never take the form of vengeful or hostile punishment.

20. Archons are as just and vengeful in life as they are in their fighting

21. Today, the Internet is flooded with Chinese public opinion obsessed with vengeful, xenophobic thoughts.

22. Dante speaks to us in an impassioned human voice that is often aggrieved and vengeful.

23. He stumbled with vengeful intent through wide, open-topped courtyards and along covered, low-ceilinged walkways.

24. Also he was a vengeful man, threatening to physically punish anyone who withstood him ( v 23 ).

25. Despite some intervention by the Interior Department, most of the Corps' vengeful provisions were still intact.

26. Moses is caught between two fires as it were: a faithless people and a vengeful Lord.

27. In turn, their relatives angrily disowned them and said that vengeful spirits would soon kill them.

28. Vengeful anger welled up in me, but again I silently begged Jehovah to help me control myself.

29. The survivors scrambled back to the sepoy lines pursued by a vengeful squadron of Sikh cavalry.

30. He was spared further speculation by the descent of Miss Harker, candle aloft, like a vengeful ghost.

31. Do not allow yourself to breathe in the angry, vengeful “air” of this world! —Psalm 37:8.

32. Horatia had always looked petulant, now she looked vengeful and he was sure her mischief wasn't finished.

33. The Hawiye clan, which dominates the rebel group currently threatening Mr Barre, is not thought to be vengeful.

34. Six women claim that vengeful police officers tattooed the word pickpocket on their foreheads to settle personal scores.

35. She sprayed red paint all over his car in one last vengeful act before leaving him for good.

36. And I've played everything from a vengeful ghost in the time of slavery to Secretary of State in 2004.

37. According to local legend, the falls were formed when two star-crossed lovers incurred the wrath of a vengeful god.

38. 24 Starbuck and Ahab almost communicate with each other as the first mate pleads with Ahab to repudiate this vengeful mission.

39. She had barely recognized their cool, urbane general manager in the seedy, vengeful man who had made such wild accusations.

40. But tobacco is a wily and vengeful beast, and one not disposed to look kindly on those who jilt him.

41. They believed that after death, those who had lived unhappily or had died violently became vengeful spirits who haunted the living.

42. For it unleashes an evil demon called "The Crier", the vengeful incarnation of a woman who was brutally murdered two …

43. She had barely recognized their cool, urbane general manager in the seedy(, vengeful man who had made such wild accusations.

44. I used to sit on Daddy's lap and he would read me those stories full of their vengeful gods and wondrous miraculous creatures.

45. True Christianity has never fostered vengeful, intolerant inquisitors, such as Tomás de Torquemada, or hateful warmongers, such as the papal promoters of the Crusades.

46. Based on DC Comics' Green Arrow, an affluent playboy becomes a vengeful superhero, saving the city from villains armed with just a bow and Arrows

47. He describes her as “excitable, malicious, malignant, vengeful, unforgiving, selfish, stingy, avaricious, coarse, vulgar, profane, obscene, a furious blusterer on the outside and at heart a coward.”

48. The notion of "an eye for an eye" is usually cited or held up as typical of the harsh and cruel standards of the vengeful Old Testament God.

49. Comminatory is the challenge word today for 'Your Daily Word Prompt.' I enjoy expanding my vocabulary, and this was a new word for me: Comminatory-threatening, punitive, or vengeful

50. If I ask God to punish my enemy with vengeful prayers,then He is fair to allow the enemy to do the same for me. Toba Beta