town house in English

a tall, narrow, traditional row house, generally having three or more floors.
a house in a town or city belonging to someone who has another property in the country.

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1. Town House- Town House, duplex homes @ Shristinagar Asansol offers a choice of 2 different types of homes.The rooms are spacious, well-lit, and airy with the upper unit being larger and making effective use of the roof

2. 25 He started at the Town House in 19 working as assistant manager from 1997 to 19

3. The South Florida Cooperator ® has been a trusted resource for the condo and HOA/Town House community

4. In the architecture of Aberdeen, the new Town House, built in 1868–74, incorporates Bartizans in the West Tower

5. Hanley said many builders have transformed what would have been attached town-house developments a few years ago into detached condo projects.

6. Aureole Charlie Palmer’s bland, Times Square iteration of his famous old town-house flagship has an updated look, but none of the panache of the original.

7. Thus a great town house, by its size and design, accentuated its owner's power by its contrast with the monotony of the smaller terraced houses surrounding it.

8. The Baronial is an elegant four-bedroom three storey town house with a spacious layout, providing flexible living accommodation for growing families and those that want to spread out in comfort

9. "Oliver Payson Fuller’s “History of Warwick,” first published in 1875, identified the location of the Westcott Cemetery on Feb 20, 1663 with a lot for a town house adjoining “ye Buryings place layd out for ye towne is eight poles square, joining to ye western end of Peter Burzecott’s aker of land.”