thoroughfare|thoroughfares in English


highway, road, connecting pass

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1. The Strand is one of London's busiest thoroughfares.

2. Proper noun applied to the thoroughfare.

3. Broadway is York's most famous thoroughfare.

4. This is importing in the thoroughfare.

5. These houses were strung along the thoroughfare.

6. Avenue definition, a wide street or main thoroughfare

7. Don't park your car on a busy thoroughfare.

8. A rooster crowed every morning, amazing, only blocks from major thoroughfares.

9. Beijing's thoroughfares and transportation system are evolving at an incredible rate

10. Bikeway definition is - a thoroughfare for bicycles

11. Broadway is the main thoroughfare in Manhattan.

12. The motel was off the main thoroughfare .

13. She did not know that thoroughfare very well.

14. We walked down Patrick Street, Cork's main thoroughfare.

15. Make your base in Basseterre's downtown, a grid layout of thoroughfares along St

16. The champagne-soaked event took over the city's main thoroughfare.

17. Bystreet definition is - a street off a main thoroughfare.

18. "The tomb is not a blind alley, it is a thoroughfare

19. Being readily accessible through a number of gates, it became a thoroughfare.

20. The weakened body gives rise to fear of falling and other “terrors” on public thoroughfares.

21. Isaac fought heroically to regain his legal portion of the thoroughfare.

22. Route 440, the main thoroughfare in Bayonne, provides quick north-south travel and

23. Battle of Thoroughfare Gap 28 August – Longstreet defeats small union force.

24. They calmly deal with the traffic jams that build along the main shopping thoroughfare.

25. It was built precisely at the site of the ferry terminal...... because major thoroughfares were already converging there.