shanty|shanties in English


[shan·ty || 'ʃæntɪ]

shack, crude hut; sailor's song, chantey

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1. Black smoke Billowed over burning shanties and …

2. Synonyms for Bustee include slum, ghetto, hovel, favela, Cabbagetown, jhuggi, purlieu, rookery, shanty and shanty town

3. I want to quit this shanty.

4. Comfortable, sumptuous homes exist alongside crowded, unhealthy shanties.

5. Up in the shanty towns subversion ruled.

6. His childhood was spent in a shanty.

7. The shanty tottered in the strong wind and fell.

8. 3 synonyms for Chanty: chantey, sea chantey, shanty

9. Its slopes were covered by a ragtag collection of shanties.

10. There is awful deprivation in the shanty towns.

11. The category includes ballad, carcl, sea shanty and lullaby.

12. 3 synonyms for Chantey: chanty, sea Chantey, shanty

13. They lived in a shanty after the earthquake.

14. 8 There is awful deprivation in the shanty towns.

15. She looked doubtfully at him, at the low shanty.

16. Bidonville definition: a shanty town Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

17. Well it looked like a little shanty shed when I'd finished.

18. Bidonville (redirected from Bidonvilles) Related to Bidonvilles: Shanty town

19. In the shanty towns there are very poor living standards.

20. Synonyms for Bustees include slums, ghettos, hovels, favelas, purlieus, rookeries, shanties and skid rows

21. Miners lived in tents, wood shanties, or deck cabins removed from abandoned ships.

22. The soldier rigged up a shanty for a night's rest.

23. Some were shot on location in shanty towns or marginal neighbourhoods.

24. A man in his shanty, a cockerel on his crowing post.

25. He purchased an old shanty from a railroad worker, and tore it down.