sexuality|sexualities in English


[sex·u·al·i·ty || ‚sekʃʊ'ælətɪ]

gender, state of being either male or female; participation in sexual activity; readiness for sexual activity; interest in sexual matters

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1. In the journal Sexualities, Jackson and Scott (2004, ‘Sexual Antimonies in Late Modernity’, Sexualities 7[2]: 233-48) express scepticism that current mores in relation to sexuality are increasingly liberal and ‘open’; instead, they suggest there are a number of Antimonies or contradictions evident

2. AFRICA REGIONAL SEXUALITY RESOURCE CENTRE Understanding Human Sexuality Seminar Series 4 Sexuality and Spirituality: Possible Bedmates in the

3. She oozes sexuality from every pore.

4. Too many sisters affect male sexuality

5. Her overt sexuality shocked cinema audiences.

6. Sexuality and Gender Pride Chokers from 15.00

7. A dread of black male sexuality remains.

8. She was having dreams of unabashed sexuality.

9. He was confused about his sexuality.

10. Attitudes towards sexuality have radically changed.

11. He's completed his doctorate on Victorian sexuality.

12. Because I am comfortable with my sexuality.

13. Cisgender relates specifically to gender rather than sexuality

14. Corsets are an expression of sexuality and freedom

15. Assumptions about their sexuality can impact their health.

16. Magenta is associated with passion and sexuality.

17. Many electronic games highlight violence and sexuality.

18. Lesbian feminist psychologists' research focuses mainly on sexuality.

19. Max breathed out powerful male sexuality in every movement.

20. The heroine, Maryska, is the personification of female sexuality.

21. Victorian women were rarely allowed to express their sexuality.

22. Sexuality is the strongest force in human beings.

23. 6 Parker's column on teenage sexuality is right on.

24. She was uncomfortably aware of her son's developing sexuality.

25. Historians remain divided on the question of Richard's sexuality.