reporter in English

a person who reports, especially one employed to report news or conduct interviews for newspapers or broadcasts.
Two days later the news is official and reporters from the American press speed to Paris to interview a band that few of them have heard of.

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1. Hey, Reporter Kim.

2. Claudia Assis Reporter MarketWatch

3. I'm Taeko, a reporter.

4. Court reporter to sick bay.

5. The reporter took notes in shorthand.

6. Brightwork Reporter Email Scheduler Introduction

7. " Suspected HR boss assaults reporter. "

8. Catnip and Culprits: Pets Reporter Mystery (Pets Reporter Cozy Mystery Book 1) - Kindle edition by Colby, Kyla

9. The reporter wrote the novel down.

10. One reporter was wounded in the leg.

11. He seemed too ingenuous for a reporter.

12. Miss Stackpole was a strictly veracious reporter.

13. The reporter checked the story out.

14. Coterie Liu Xinping tells a reporter.

15. a roving reporter for ABC news.

16. She freelanced as a sports reporter.

17. He felt like a cub reporter.

18. Max Clifford, Cynic Sports Reporter • March 17, 2021

19. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Catnip and Culprits: Pets Reporter Mystery (Pets Reporter Cozy Mystery Book 1).

20. 1 a : shamelessly bold a Brassy reporter

21. Backstory Investigative reporter Don Van Natta Jr

22. He told his story to a reporter.

23. Reporter: He is sill coughing and haematemesis.

24. The reporter had a red-hot story.

25. Professional Court Reporter & Hearing/Dictation Cassettes

26. You're a party reporter, for Christ's sake.

27. No reporter writes for nothing these days.

28. She's a complete novice as a reporter.

29. The reporter Buttonholed the congressman about budget cuts

30. We sent our reporter, Michael Gore, to investigate.

31. Ranieri once told a reporter from Esquire magazine.

32. The reporter was taken blindfold to a secret location.

33. Reporter some deeply disturbing, flat closed all accessary links.

34. The reporter had unearthed some secrets about him.

35. A good reporter has a nose for news.

36. The Times reporter closely followed the resuscitation attempt.

37. He is a 24-year-old trainee reporter.

38. The reporter promised not to break the story.

39. A reporter tried to infiltrate into the prison.

40. Answer up when the reporter asks you a question.

41. His renown as a reporter spread throughout the country.

42. Or that a reporter gave a flagrantly biased account?

43. She had a reporter and a photographer in tow.

44. She was a TV reporter and worked long hours.

45. 19 Menlo angrily replied to a query from a reporter.

46. The reporter is doing a survey of public attitudes.

47. A belligerent reporter badgered the President for the facts.

48. The newspaper reporter allege that the man was innocent.

49. A journalist should be a dispassionate reporter of fact.

50. I fondly remember my first job as a reporter.