rambus in English


American corporation headquartered in California, designer and manufacturer of computer systems and network hardware

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1. So you either filled up every module with actual memory -- with actual Rambus Inline Memory Modules -- or you filled out a couple of modules with the Rambus Inline

2. If you have RD- RAM in your computer, it's referring specifically to this Rambus memory.

3. But Rambus has been dogged by problems-not least buggy chipsets, high prices and questionable performance.

4. Intel discontinued the development of its SDRAM chipsets, and stated as policy that only RAMBUS memory would be supported going forward.

5. Communication between the Emotion Engine and RAM occurs through two channels of DRDRAM (Direct Rambus Dynamic Random Access Memory) and the memory controller, which interfaces to the internal data bus.

6. Anonyms are nun-agents of Holy Club, debuting in Akatsuki Blitzkampf.The group is the leader of said club and its best section, as well as the one who founded Rambus-style Kempo Marksmanship