rambling|ramblings in English


['ram·bling || 'ræmblɪŋ]

wandering, traveling with no specific destinatio

Use "rambling|ramblings" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "rambling|ramblings" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "rambling|ramblings", or refer to the context using the word "rambling|ramblings" in the English Dictionary.

1. Just rambling.

2. How you turned his ramblings into something vaguely coherent.

3. Sally was used to his disjointed, drunken ramblings.

4. I'm rambling, man.

5. Rawlings gave rambling, incoherent answers.

6. Shall we go rambling tomorrow?

7. Boastings of Charizard Ramblings on Productivity and Software Development

8. She dislikes the disconnected ramblings of the old man.

9. He was rambling, a little chaotic.

10. Then he started rambling and repeating himself.

11. We spent the summer rambling in Ireland.

12. Blabs: to engage in casual or rambling conversation.

13. The official dismissed the speech as the ramblings of a desperate lunatic.

14. Blabbed: to engage in casual or rambling conversation.

15. It's an excellent time for walking and rambling.

16. This bright, rambling house reached on the greensward.

17. Well, I don't intend to be held to any drug-addled ramblings.

18. He stalled off the truth with rambling.

19. The spontaneous speech of such patients is often rambling.

20. He is fond of rambling among the trees.

21. He just woke up screaming, rambling a bunch of nonsense.

22. Chattered: to engage in casual or rambling conversation.

23. Perot's rambling speech swung from economics to education.

24. Prune rambling roses when the flowers have faded.

25. His actions were accompanied by a rambling monologue.