ram's horn|ram horn in English

wind instrument, horn, instrument used to created sounds

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1. Bent in a spiral curve: a Crumpled ram's horn.

2. The male's horn resembles a Wiltshire ram's horn whereas the ewe's horns are very small - usually only 8 to 9 cm (3.1 to 3.5 in) in length.

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7. Acoustic horn

8. Testing my new cow horn/bull horn that has a leveler so you can control how the horn shall sound.

9. Around the horn!

10. Acoustic horn waveguides

11. Blow the horn.

12. Acoustic horn arrangement

13. Layla honked the horn.

14. Sound the chow horn.

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16. The huntsman blew his horn.

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18. He sounded the car horn.

19. Harp and horn and trumpet

20. to honk your car horn.

21. Behind him, a horn blared.

22. Come to blow your horn.

23. Don't honk the horn indiscriminately.

24. Catastrophe in the Horn of Africa

25. The horn resounded through the forest.