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male sheep; battering ram, heavy device used to crush or force something (such as a locked door)

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1. Facts about Battering rams 7: A capped ram

2. Battering Ram "Knock, knock!" Battering rams in their simplest form have existed for millennia

3. As a newly Admitted Ram, you are invited to attend a virtual RAMS AT HOME session

4. Battering ram (plural Battering rams) A heavy object used for battering down walls and gates before gunpowder was known

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6. These breds of rams and sheep are: Mouflan, Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian, Coursecan, Jacob Rams, Dall Rams, Ibex and Aoudads

7. Battering ram synonyms, Battering ram pronunciation, Battering ram translation, English dictionary definition of Battering ram

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10. Applicator ram having a ram adaptor

11. Battering rams: They were large mechanical objects, often on wheels that were used to ram the walls and doors of a castle in an attempt to break them down

12. Mountains skipped like rams (6)

13. [ ~ + object] The rams were Butting each other.

14. And rams of Baʹshan, and he-goats,

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16. the rams butted each other playfully.

17. Ram slipped.

18. 26 The young rams provide your clothing,

19. Battering ram History Battering ram history dates back to antiquity

20. Dynamic random-access memories (D-RAMs):

21. The rams of Ne·baʹioth+ will serve you.

22. Battering rams Give Bucs First Defeat, 34-24

23. Argali is a Mongolian word for “ram.” There are eight subspecies of Argali. Mature rams of large-bodied subspecies stand 125 cm (49 inches) high at the shoulder and weigh more than 140 kg (300 pounds)

24. Ram bit me.

25. However, he also tried breeding Cheviot rams to Columbia ewes.