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state located on the western coast of Myanma

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1. The ngapi of Rakhine State contains no or little salt, and uses marine fish.

2. "Seven individuals from Rakhine State in Myanmar had been detained in 2012 for violation of the Foreigners Act.

3. The region under British control was known as British Burma.Various portions of Burmese territories, including Arakan (Rakhine State) or Tenasserim were

4. Over fifty thousand people have been displaced, adding to nearly thirty thousand refugees fleeing the 2016–17 Northern Rakhine State clashes.

5. Others belong to the Rakhine ethnic group.

6. On Myanmar, amongst other things, they urged the Myanmar authorities to implement Kofi Annan led Rakhine advisory commission’s recommendations and work with Bangladesh to enable the return of the displaced persons from all communities to Northern Rakhine state.

7. In Myanmar, economic growth is projected to rise in 2018, although investment prospects could deteriorate with the ongoing developments in Rakhine State.

8. We would urge that the situation in Rakhine State be handled with restraint and maturity, focussing on the welfare of the civilian population alongside those of the security forces.

9. The United States also calls upon the Burmese government to allow for unhindered humanitarian access to people in Rakhine State, Burma, so we can more fully address pressing humanitarian needs.

10. Bamar and Karen form the majority of the population, with a small minority of Rakhine in western coastal regions.

11. In its first years of existence, Ava, which viewed itself as the rightful successor to the Pagan Kingdom, tried to reassemble the former empire by waging constant wars against the Mon Hanthawaddy Kingdom in the south, the Shan States in the north and east, and Rakhine State in the west.

12. Salary scales vary between states/from state to state/according to state/with each state.

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24. (b) the quota allocated to each State, State-wise;

25. MR. STORELLA: Could I add that when we discuss trying to address the root causes of this conflict and the crisis, that a lot of work has been done already, including by the Rakhine Commission headed by Kofi Annan.