nominate in English

propose or formally enter as a candidate for election or for an honor or award.
the film was nominated for several Oscars
specify (something) formally, typically the date or place for an event.
a day was nominated for the exchange of contracts
denoting a race or subspecies that is given the same epithet as the species to which it belongs, for example, Homo sapiens sapiens.
Most birds are of the nominate race fabalis.

Use "nominate" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "nominate" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "nominate", or refer to the context using the word "nominate" in the English Dictionary.

1. Budtender Awards Nominate a Budtender!

2. I nominate Bill as the club president.

3. Lukanov had yet to nominate ministers for three portfolios.

4. Their national nominating conventions no longer nominate presidential candidates.

5. Would you like to nominate anyone for/as director?

6. I nominate John to represent us at the meeting.

7. The EU would nominate two members to the committee.

8. We need a treasurer. Does anyone want to nominate somebody?

9. The President wants to nominate a multibillionaire in a struggling economy?

10. Then another six are chosen whom anybody can nominate.

11. First, they to nominate 2 housemates between Alexia, Florine and Eddy.

12. It was expected that he would nominate Bramwell as his successor.

13. Ten critics were asked to nominate their Book of the Year.

14. 27 I nominate John to represent us at the meeting.

15. Clinton has yet to nominate a successor for Fed Gov.

16. Or you can nominate friends, acquaintances, bartenders or bus drivers.

17. To nominate an individual please complete the Kentucky Colonel Commission Application

18. 39 synonyms for Appoint: assign, name, choose, commission, select, elect, install, delegate, nominate

19. Can I nominate someone as a proxy to sign for me?

20. Refusal to open or update an account or to nominate an account/authorised representative:

21. The public will be able to nominate candidates for awards such as the MBE.

22. Then we asked hospitals and facilities to nominate nurses who would best represent them.

23. The Statute of the Court gives the parties the right to nominate ad hoc Judges

24. The party's delegates then officially nominate a candidate to run on the party's behalf.

25. Voters will choose fifty of the seventy five deputies. The Emir will nominate the rest.

26. 6 In the true spirit of empowerment, the company is asking its employees to nominate the recipients.

27. Arizona Republicans put aside their political differences and intraparty squabbling Saturday to nominate delegates to their upcoming national convention.

28. The “original” boa Constrictor, first described and defined in scientific literature, is the nominate species Boa Constrictor Constrictor

29. If a Governor is prevented from attending a meeting, he may nominate another representative of his institution.

30. In addition , the President may nominate not more than two members to represent the Anglo - Indian community ( article 331 ) .

31. It was the last national convention that required more than a single ballot to nominate a presidential candidate.

32. Both parties have also agreed that they will nominate representatives to begin discussions on setting up a community liaison committee.

33. The Constitution grants the authority to nominate and approve Supreme Court Justices to Coequal branches of the federal government

34. I spoke it tender Iuuenall, as a congruent Apathaton, appertaining to thy young daies, which we may nominate tender

35. The Bushbuck (Tragelaphus scriptus scriptus) is the nominate taxon of the Bushbuck.It is a small to medium-sized antelope widespread in Africa

36. Pennsylvania, with a quota of 260 men, had the power to nominate a lieutenant colonel, who would be the senior officer.

37. They said Democrats should be allowed to nominate the Democrat of their choosing, and Republicans, the Republican candidate of theirs.

38. I spoke it tender Iuuenall, as a congruent Apathaton, appertaining to thy young daies, which we may nominate tender Boy

39. This may be achieved by allowing parents to nominate their own expert to observe or jointly conduct any examination or assessment.

40. The advance notice requirement circumvents this by obliging the processors to nominate one or more of their number as an organiser.

41. "President Biden is reviewing a list of finalists as he prepares to nominate a series of Ambassadors to key embassy postings," Axios reports."Biden officials have been tempering expectations among his big-dollar donors, suggesting the president will nominate fewer of them to coveted positions

42. The media organizations/agencies are requested to nominate a representative having wide experience in foreign affairs and issues relevant to the particular visit.

43. It is legally possible for an elderly person to nominate someone to act for them, should they become incapable of looking after themselves.

44. New York and Connecticut each were to raise 165 men and nominate a major; the remaining 110 men came from New Jersey.

45. In 1916, Bender served as a delegate to the abortive Progressive party convention, which voted to dissolve rather than nominate its own presidential candidate.

46. Local supporters nominate potential scenic Bikeways, which are then reviewed by a statewide advisory committee of cyclists, regional tourism providers and regional partners

47. Le solution que obtinera plus Ballottas essera nominate "Pronunciation standard de ApIA 2009" e essera recommendate in le curso propedeutic pro le certification de competentia

48. Before shooting for the Black ball, the game will ask the player to first nominate which pocket he intends to shoot the Black ball into

49. Biden will nominate Big Tech Critic and antitrust star Lina Khan to the FTC Taylor Hatmaker @tayhatmaker / 20 hours Biden didn’t campaign on getting tough against Big …

50. All Alumnae are invited to nominate students for the Alumnae Referral Scholarship, or request for us to send a current high school student more information about the college