nobody in English

a person of no importance or authority.
they went from nobodies to superstars
no person; no one.
nobody was at home
synonyms: no one none not a soulnary a soul

Use "nobody" in a sentence

Below are sample sentences containing the word "nobody" from the English Dictionary. We can refer to these sentence patterns for sentences in case of finding sample sentences with the word "nobody", or refer to the context using the word "nobody" in the English Dictionary.

1. Nobody plays, nobody sings.

2. Nobody backstage.

3. Nobody moves.

4. Dear Nobody,

5. Nobody move!

6. Nobody killed Abigail.

7. Nobody likes him.

8. Some nobody salesman.

9. Nobody asked you.

10. There's nobody backstage.

11. Nobody wants to be the bad guy anymore; nobody wants to say no.

12. Nobody here eats meat.

13. There's nobody out there.

14. Nobody gives a shit.

15. Nobody can ban me.

16. Yeah, nobody knows nothing.

17. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

18. Nobody wants an amputee.

19. Nobody wants to bite.

20. I don't hurt nobody.

21. Nobody touches Mr. Goiter!

22. Nobody gives a damn.

23. Nobody is without faults.

24. Nobody likes a crybaby.

25. Nobody criticizes any opinion.

26. Nobody survived the massacre.

27. I was a noticeable nobody.

28. Nobody was looking into it.

29. Did nobody notice the earring?

30. A vessel that nobody wants?

31. Nobody gets in our way.

32. Nobody lies better than him

33. That way, nobody gets hurt.

34. And nobody is gonna argue.

35. Nobody else has a chance.

36. God, no, there's nobody else.

37. Nobody knows his own destiny.

38. Pleasing everybody is pleasing nobody.

39. Nobody likes a smart arse.

40. Nobody has ever erased videos.

41. Nobody likes your meat loaf.

42. Nobody will talk to them.

43. There's nobody here except cowards...

44. But, now, nobody does that.

45. Nobody ventured to interrupt him.

46. Nobody could predict the outcome.

47. Nobody could ignore these problems.

48. Nobody saw through his disguise.

49. Nobody can impugn his ability.

50. Aggro : Nobody badduh dan me!