monument in English

a statue, building, or other structure erected to commemorate a famous or notable person or event.
After his death, the Athenians honored his memory with a statue, and a monument to him was erected in his own country.

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1. Winner: Bandelier National Monument

2. Must see: Facade, chamfer details, columns, main balcony, terrace. Monument Characteristics Type of monument: Residence.

3. Working on my granite monument

4. This monument commemorates our victory.

5. Bandelier National Monument Weather Forecasts

6. Founders of the Bulgarian State Monument

7. The monument was fronted with stone.

8. As a monument to your achievements, Chancellor.

9. His actions are a monument to foolishness.

10. Bandelier National Monument, Los Alamos, New Mexico

11. Assais-les-Jumeaux monument aux morts Jumeaux.JPG

12. Afrikaans Language Monument; Afrikaans-English Dictionary On …

13. “A Monument to the Spirit of Cooperation”

14. The monument was unveiled with great solemnity.

15. Bandelier National Monument, Los Alamos, New Mexico

16. [ Breaking open the door of the monument. ]

17. Beylical arsenal of La Goulette listed monument

18. The monument is well worth a detour.

19. Sarnat, a Boodh Monument Near Benares.Engraved by W

20. There is a massive monument in the square.

21. A monument has been commissioned in his memory.

22. Alumnus Croatoa-1033: 32: 2136: Alumnus Croatoa-1305: 0: 2982: Monument 1 [edit edit source] Monument 1, located in Atlas Park

23. Ellis Island is preserved as a historic monument.

24. Funerary monument, Confession and faith in the God

25. That's five years SWAT with Monument Point MCU.

26. 24 The monument bears the mark of age.

27. Hokyoin Monument (Town Designated Cultural Asset) This monument is made of granite and is 157 centimeters in height from its stone foundation.

28. It is a less visited monument in Ahmadabad

29. The monument will stand just inside the cathedral.

30. Death Valley was designated a national monument in 1933.

31. Party Foundation monument...... you're not cold?... a little cold!

32. This monument was erected in honor of the martyrs.

33. They reared a monument to commemorate the great musician.

34. The house was, he thought, a monument to miscalculation.

35. A monument to humanity rising out of the jungle.

36. This monument commemorates those who died in the war.

37. 28 Nelson's Column is a famous monument in London.

38. The city commissioned a monument to commemorate the battle.

39. Erecting a monument is a way to honor heros.

40. Discover Monument to the Fallen Partisan Alpinists in Mojstrana, Slovenia: The monument honors the mountaineers who were part of Europe’s best anti-Nazi forces.

41. See pictures and our review of Bandelier National Monument.

42. Aircraft monument with improved thermal insulation and acoustic absorption

43. Officials plan to erect a monument in Lindbergh's honor.

44. The monument was moved bodily to a new site.

45. The whole house is a monument to her craftsmanship.

46. Cemetery marker headstone monument- engraving included, multiple design options

47. The entire island has been declared a natural monument.

48. The monument consists of a circle of gigantic stones.

49. The traditional monument has tended to confound gender politics.

50. Grizzled veterans in uniform gathered at the war monument.