manufacturing in English

make (something) on a large scale using machinery.
a company that manufactured paint-by-number sets
invent or fabricate (evidence or a story).
the tabloid industry that manufactures epochal discoveries out of thin air

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1. Method for manufacturing piercing accessory and manufacturing tool

2. This includes food manufacturing, plastics & rubber manufacturing, and lime & gypsum products manufacturing, to name just a few.

3. Manufacturing - Amatols (explosive) Birmingham, AL Manufacturing - Amatols (explosive) Business Directory

4. • Alkaline batteries, manufacturing

5. The manufacturing of ethyl alcohol is covered in 0222 - Distillery Products Manufacturing.

6. Automating Additive Manufacturing

7. Aget Manufacturing has been designing and manufacturing dust and mist collectors since 1938

8. * Advanced Manufacturing Centre: The UK announcedthe potential establishment of an Advanced Manufacturing Centre.

9. Deya cruise ship manufacturing Ltd. is a professional manufacturing production inflatable boat company.

10. Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing (Biomanufacturing) 2

11. Abrasive grains, manufacturing process therefor, polishing slurry and process for manufacturing glass products

12. Photomask for manufacturing light-transmitting conductor having nanostructured pattern and method for manufacturing same

13. Under the Conservatives, Britain has moved from manufacturing trade surplus to manufacturing trade deficit.

14. We are manufacturing toothpaste tubes, Kirloskar is manufacturing diesel engines and irrigation pumps.

15. Definitions Advanced manufacturing technology (AMT): 22 new manufacturing technologies belonging to six functional groups.

16. Cephalosporin manufacturing will transfer from GSK sites to Sandoz following a four-year manufacturing and supply agreement (MSA) and subsequent transfer of manufacturing operations

17. Areca Leaf Plates Manufacturing

18. Design for Additive Manufacturing

19. Electrode assembly manufacturing apparatus

20. Coras Trailer Manufacturing, Inc

21. Bowhead Manufacturing Company, L.L.C

22. Titanium alloy bolt manufacturing facility and method for manufacturing titanium alloy bolt using same

23. • Water softening equipment, manufacturing

24. Design for Manufacturing (DFM) is a well-established discipline; Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) is a new set of skills specific to Additive manufacturing.

25. • manufacturing furnace filters (NAICS 33341, Ventilation, Heating, Air-Conditioning and Commercial Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing);

26. the competitive manufacturing pillar based on globally competitive manufacturing facilities supported by anchor companies.

27. Beas is a manufacturing solution that caters to businesses in discrete and process manufacturing industries

28. Apparatus for manufacturing high absorbent resin and method for manufacturing high absorbent resin using same

29. Laser pointer, power supply device, laser pointer manufacturing method, and power supply device manufacturing method

30. Wave aberration measuring instrument, exposure apparatus, semiconductor device manufacturing system, and method for manufacturing same

31. Method of manufacturing composite material

32. Curt Manufacturing stands for excellence

33. Bonier Furniture Manufacturing; Read More

34. Bojie Manufacturing Corporation Jobs 2021

35. Began manufacturing Abrasive blast cabinets

36. Actinoid oxide crystal manufacturing method

37. • Tile, acoustical, mineral wool, manufacturing


39. Additive manufacturing technologies are positioned

40. Artesian Spas is a subsidiary of May Manufacturing, which is a widely renowned spa manufacturing company

41. Ontario is Canada's leading manufacturing province, accounting for 52% of the total national manufacturing shipments in 2004.

42. Absorbent article, belt structure, manufacturing method for a belt structure and manufacturing method for an absorbent article

43. Rigid structure and manufacturing method therefor

44. Method for manufacturing a porous alumina

45. Foundation structure and structure manufacturing method

46. Manufacturing output has increased by 8%.

47. Manufacturing includes precision instruments and electronics.

48. Next-generation manufacturing insights unlocked Apriori is the leading provider of digital manufacturing simulation software that brings

49. computer-aided manufacturing Cam (kăm) n

50. Biotoxins Inc specializes in Manufacturing - Venoms.