keen|keens in English



wailing mournful sound, lamentation (especially for the dead)

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1. Synonyms for Boohoos include sailfishes, weeps, cries, sobs, whimpers, blubbers, keens, bawls, greets and grieves

2. We hear these people are eccentric but keen, terribly keen.

3. Chateaubriand Steak at Keens Steakhouse "My wife and I ate keens Steakhouse for our first time on Valentine's Day and had an incredible experience.The venue is first class all the way with old school charm and an incredible wait staff to…

4. Please quote keen prices.

5. He's a keen balloonist.

6. I'm keen on antique

7. Avidity: Keen interest or enthusiasm

8. Eagles have very keen eyesight.

9. This knife is very keen.

10. She's a very keen gardener.

11. He's mad keen on planes.

12. My wife's a keen gardener.

13. I'm not keen on cabbage.

14. Agent Keen will soon disappear.

15. Bringing him such keen delight,

16. He's mad keen on football.

17. For 20 years, Birkenstock Footwear, Kuhl Clothing, Keen, Keen Utility, Crocs, Blundstone, Klogs USA, Alegria, Tilley Hats

18. I'm not too keen on jazz.

19. John was very keen to help.

20. I'm not keen to go again.

21. He was a keen music lover .

22. 1 Eagles have very keen eyesight.

23. 6 He's a very keen sportsman .

24. Question: Kiruna Amiranha keen-o Fuller

25. Luke showed keen interest in people.