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fall over, capsize; cause to capsize

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1. Other articles where Bilge keel is discussed: ship: Ship motions in response to the sea: …ships are fitted with “Bilge keels” in an attempt to dampen roll

2. Carinate: 1 adj having a ridge or shaped like a ridge or suggesting the keel of a ship “a Carinate sepal” Synonyms: Carinated , keeled , ridged n birds having keeled breastbones for attachment of flight muscles Synonyms: Carinate bird , flying bird Antonyms: flightless bird , ratite , …

3. Fin keel.

4. He keeled over and died.

5. The Keeling Curve is named after its creator, Dr

6. She keeled over in a faint.

7. The intense heat keeled her over.

8. The intense heat keeled him over.

9. Carinate (comparative more Carinate, superlative most Carinate) Keel-shaped, as in a boat's keel

10. 3 synonyms for Carinated: Carinate, keeled, ridged

11. He keeled over in a dead faint.

12. Several students keeled over from the heat.

13. Fauna of the Cocos (Keeling) Islands Williams, D.G. 1994.

14. David Keeling February 26, 2021 Brown Funeral Home - Mayfield

15. - Bilgeway - gangway - keel - frame

16. Other articles where Keeled boxfish is discussed: boxfish: …to the Boxfishes are the keeled Boxfishes of the family Aracanidae

17. The sailboat keeled over in the storm.

18. Carinate definition: having a keel or ridge ; shaped like a keel Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples

19. The boat keeled over in the strong winds.

20. The small boat keeled over in the storm.

21. This is a list of association football clubs in Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

22. Hearing the joke, she keeled over with laughter.

23. The boat pitched suddenly and keeled over.

24. Several of them keeled over in the heat.

25. Several soldiers keeled over in the hot sun.