immortal in English

living forever; never dying or decaying.
our mortal bodies are inhabited by immortal souls
an immortal being, especially a god of ancient Greece or Rome.
The fusion of ancient immortals then dutifully turned to the task of easing the transition of those that reached the end of corporeal life and fearfully joined the fusion of immortality.
synonyms: god goddess deity divine being supreme being divinity

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1. An immortal.

2. The soul is immortal.

3. Be immortal... or to reproduce.

4. They think I'm immortal.

5. Is it not immortal?

6. In death, he became immortal.

7. Not so immortal, huh, dudes?

8. Oh the Shamrock, the green immortal Shamrock!

9. The heroes of the people are immortal.

10. Immortal - Causes the target to become invulnerable.

11. The Titans are large, immortal giants.

12. These too are given immortal life.

13. She bodied forth the immortal mind.

14. His telescopic observations are justly immortal.

15. Christians believe that the soul is immortal.

16. Someone believed that the soul is immortal.

17. The wild cocoa tree is effectively immortal.

18. And in that way, he becomes immortal.

19. Socrates argued that the soul is immortal

20. In the immortal words of Jay-Z,

21. Immortal V4C30: A person with a silver tongue

22. Even an immortal needs a solid six hours.

23. He believed his immortal soul was in peril.

24. We do not possess an immortal soul or spirit.

25. The priest said he was endangering his immortal soul.

26. 28 Someone believed that the soul is immortal.

27. They say your mother is an immortal goddess.

28. The people need to meet the Immortal Weapon.

29. Eternal life means more than simply being immortal.

30. The pharaohs were considered gods and therefore immortal.

31. We accused him of immortal conduct toward her.

32. This love, lasting for ever, makes me immortal.

33. God is like gold, he is immortal, incorruptible.

34. 13 The wild cocoa tree is effectively immortal.

35. He adds: “These centenarians would still not be immortal.

36. 24 We accused him of immortal conduct toward her.

37. But the souls of the righteous are immortal and divine.

38. Yet they well know that the soul is not immortal.

39. Is immortal glory... the person you are striving to be.

40. But then... you probably don't need to eat, being immortal.

41. By the transparent rock eastbound, a real legend is immortal.

42. The tract entitled Do You Have an Immortal Spirit?

43. A chance to get murdered by an immortal psychopath.

44. Not once does it use the term “immortal soul.”

45. Felix are humans with high intelligence and immortal bodies.

46. Now I will transform you into an immortal warlord!

47. Other gods intervene, and make the inventive Ribhus immortal.

48. Do ye then interweave the mortal with the immortal.

49. For example, Avicenna declared that the personal soul is immortal.

50. What, then, is the source of the immortal-soul theory?