humor|humors in English

noun humor (Amer.)

quality of being amusing or entertaining, comedy; ability to appreciate or express something amusing; mood, state of mind, disposition; body fluid (Physiology)

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1. An infinitude enchantment experienced, humors Chinese language teacher.

2. Insidious it is, it Befouleth even the purest of humors

3. The three other humors were yellow bile, phlegm, and blood.

4. See more ideas about humor, Cubicle humor, Cubicle.

5. That's why you have toilet humor and sexual humor.

6. That's boring a hole in the skull to release bad humors.

7. Weird sense of humor.

8. Some have used humor.

9. It's called dispositional humor.

10. Bile definition is - either of two humors associated in old physiology with irascibility and melancholy

11. What's your humor setting, TARS?

12. Keep a sense of humor.

13. What is New Yorker humor?

14. Galen believed that the plague was due to a disproportion of the 4 humors.

15. Straining for effect: Agonistic humor

16. Where's your sense of humor?

17. And of course there's humor.

18. Their senses of humor meshed perfectly.

19. Humor me here for a second.

20. That was his sense of humor.

21. Humor : the psychology of living Buoyantly

22. I have never felt such humor!

23. Charlie's slapstick humor gets sold fast.

24. How ability maintain a good humor?

25. She uses humor to disarm people.