hooliganism in English


['hoo·li·gan·ism || 'huːlɪgənɪzm]

characteristic behavior of hoodlums or hooligans

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1. Hooliganism and segregation were mutually reinforcing.

2. This is the height of hooliganism.

3. Tough action has cut down football hooliganism.

4. Football hooliganism is now reaching epidemic proportions.

5. The other unspoken fear here is of an outbreak of hooliganism.

6. We let off steam in graffiti, vandalism and football hooliganism.

7. 7 The propensity to hooliganism is inherent in every society.

8. There are other forms of civil disorder — most notably, football hooliganism.

9. Secondly, we will look at modern delinquency, and specifically football hooliganism.

10. The propensity to hooliganism is inherent in every society.

11. The Government intends to clamp down on soccer hooliganism.

12. He committed hooliganism even under the watchful eyes of the people.

13. During the 1970s and 1980s in particular, Chelsea supporters were associated with football hooliganism.

14. The crime of affray is decomposed from hooliganism set by the previous Criminal Law.

15. I would have thought it is very dangerous to get football hooliganism mixed up with mugging.

16. This distinction provides a useful basis for a review and evaluation of specific theoretical approaches to football hooliganism.

17. Studied lamming neither reiterated Key Antiegoistically, little viridula eviscerate myself depressant phyllidea and nevertheless recommence hooliganism.

18. We want to restore the good image of football. Tough action has cut down football hooliganism.

19. In the twenty years prior to the First World War there were numerous incidents of football hooliganism.

20. The Cyberterrorist differs substantially from the hacker, computer hooligan, or computer thief, whose actions are motivated by greed or hooliganism

21. Thus the principal task of theories which specifically address modem football hooliganism is to account for these dominant forms of behaviour.

22. This suggests that theories linking football hooliganism to changes in working-class community life are based on a somewhat dubious history.

23. Use of bovver boots in football hooliganism was countered by warnings to fans that they would have to remove such boots in order to attend football matches.

24. In 1995, Blasted was a play that connected the ordinary, everyday life in the UK, marked by hooliganism, lad culture and post-Thatcherism, to the atrocities of war in former Yugoslavia, a war

25. But, this August, the crisis was purely man-made – indeed, made by one man. The conviction of three members of the agitprop punk-rock group Pussy Riot for “hooliganism motivated by religious hatred” has turned the three young women into an international cause célèbre.