go around in English

a flight path typically taken by an aircraft after an aborted approach to landing.
The aircraft commander executed a go-around , left the landing gear extended, and entered the visual pattern.
a confrontation; an argument.
they had one go-around after another

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1. Lyrics to 'Money' by Cabaret: Money makes the world go around The world go around The world go around Money makes the world go around

2. Go around chasing trouble?

3. Why can't they go around?

4. It's all go around here.

5. Love makes the world go around.

6. Not enough beads to go around.

7. I'm gonna go around this side.

8. We'll go around the other side.

9. Go around the other side, will ya?

10. Used to go around as a foursome.

11. You can't go around pissing people off.

12. There aren't enough chairs to go around.

13. Those are conveyor belts that go around.

14. People do go around armed these days.

15. The belt won't go around my waist.

16. These misguided people go around preaching up violence.

17. Is there a way to go Around the

18. There were never enough textbooks to go around.

19. How do you make the wheels go around?

20. You can't go around plugging whoever you please.

21. To go around; circumvent: Circumnavigate the downtown traffic

22. We gotta go around back to surprise them.

23. I might have to go around the block.

24. You can't go around accusing people like that.

25. Plenty enough to go around for any city.

26. How could she go around with such undesirables?

27. Let's go around the town, not through it.

28. Is there enough ice-cream to go around?

29. / ˈsɝː.kjə.leɪt / to go around or through something, or to make something go around or through something: Hot water Circulates through the heating system

30. We're- - we're just gonna go around the table, okay?

31. Do you often go around hurting guys that way?

32. If you go around in threes it's useless. Sentencedict.com

33. I don't go around shooting and swinging frying pans.

34. Don't ever go around me to The Pope again.

35. I used to go around with a bad crowd.

36. We used to go around together as a foursome.

37. I don't ordinarily go around kissing guys at parties.

38. Go around to the other side of the building.

39. Every time you go around Sands, bad things happen.

40. Go around back and knock at the rear entrance.

41. 4 These misguided people go around preaching up violence.

42. Let's go around to his office and talk to him.

43. This time, there's more than enough transport to go around.

44. Belting In Nitta’s thinking, belts make the world go around

45. Eventually we will not have enough water to go around.

46. It's cover so you can go around shooting at people.

47. 16 “Take a harp, go around the city, O forgotten prostitute.

48. There are not enough desks to go around in the classroom.

49. (JAR-OPS 1.435 (a) (1)) Go-around from a Circling Approach.

50. You'll jeopardise the tourist trade if you go around killing people.