gardenia|gardenias in English


[gar·de·ni·a || gɑr'dɪːnɪə /gɑː'd-]

type of shrub with fragrant flowers

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1. Her favourite essence smells like gardenias.

2. Her favorite essence smells like gardenias.

3. 9 The effect of different hormone concentration on the multiplication and rootage of Dutch gardenia was studied using the asepsis seedlings of Dutch gardenia as explants.

4. God, he agonized over which ones to get you: gardenias, roses.

5. Luxurious and graceful, a gardenia bonsai tree is a stunning and matchless gift.

6. 9 Breadcake: wheat powder. fine palm oil. salt. sodium carbonate. potassium carbonate. vitamin B gardenia.

7. Sunset beach: Megan rests her head on Brian's shoulder a smattering of gardenias providing decoration.

8. Old Man Olsen was making a corsage of gardenias, just as he used to do.

9. And if you have partial sun, holly fern would be a good choice, as would dwarf gardenias.

10. As I slid my arms into the sleeves , the jacket released a perfume of gardenias and dreams .

11. 21 The hothouse flowers gardenia and stephanotis had to be coaxed and nurtured into flowering for the posies and the bridegroom's buttonhole.

12. Drag onto the page to add a potted plant for patios or flower boxes, such as daisy, red canna , gardenia or orchid.

13. Beloved for their intoxicating fragrance and attractive, waxy, creamy-white flowers contrasting beautifully with their shiny, leathery, dark green leaves, GArdenias …

14. ‘An Arrangement of porcelain flowers, or miniature horses, or even a bowlful of gardenias from yesteryear would qualify as one of today's tablescapes.’ 2 usually Arrangements A …

15. The fruits are used to make medicine. GArdenia is used for swelling (inflammation), liver disorders, diabetes, and other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to

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20. Bedstraws are slender, sprawling herbs that have square stems (in cross-section) and they belong to the genus GALIUM.The genus Galium belongs to the family RUBIACEAE, which includes the Gardenias, Coffea (for coffee) and Cinchona (the bark of which yields quinine = Jesuits’ bark)

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22. Knitandpurl commented on the word Arborescence "And finally, beyond the winter-garden, through the various kinds of Arborescence which from the street made the lighted window appear like the glass front of one of those children's playthings, pictured or real, the passer-by, drawing himself up on tiptoe, would generally observe a man in a frock-coat, a gardenia or a carnation in his buttonhole