encumbrance|encumbrances in English


[en'cum·brance || -brəns]

burden, hindrance, impediment; one who is dependent on another for support (especially a child); (Law) lien or claim on a property (also incumbrance)

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1. monitor the amount, evolution and types of additional encumbrance resulting from stress scenarios (contingent encumbrance).

2. Now I should be an encumbrance.

3. Magdalena considered the past an irrelevant encumbrance.

4. Registration, entitlement registration and encumbrance imposition.

5. The widow advertised herself as "without encumbrance".

6. He just saw them as superfluous an encumbrance.

7. Finances: Good order; no debt encumbrance; owns car.

8. I felt I was being an encumbrance to them.

9. From " an Arsenal of Democracy " to " an Encumbrance of Democracy "

10. America would free itself of the encumbrance of formal alliances and multilateral diplomacy.

11. The Office of Finance is exploring the possibility of automating the encumbrance accounting.

12. Synonyms: adjunct, adjutant, Aide… Antonyms: disadvantage, drawback, encumbrance… Find the right word.

13. He told them that the body was a mere encumbrance, a prison for the soul.

14. (21) information on asset encumbrance, liquid assets, off-balance sheet activities, hedging strategies and booking practices.

15. A key thrust of the proposals is to address issues of encumbrance with a comprehensive strategy.

16. In our get-rich-quick world, integrity may be seen as an encumbrance, not a virtue.

17. Dholuo was the language and I knew I was an encumbrance until I could make myself understood.

18. "Bankrupt" includes bankrupt under the Federal Bankruptcy Act or insolvent under any state insolvent act. "Conveyance" includes every assignment, lease, mortgage, or encumbrance.

19. In their opinion ODF is free of legal encumbrances that would prevent its use in free and open source software, as distributed under licenses authored by Apache and the FSF.

20. 64.04.005: Liquidated damages — Earnest money deposit — Exclusive remedy — Definition.: 64.04.007: Owner-occupied real property — Release of security interest — Outstanding debt — Notice to borrower — Definition.: 64.04.010: Conveyances and encumbrances to be by deed

21. Along with the development of real estate in our country, an objective and reasonable valuation of encumbrance of landed estate is often in demand.

22. With the physical body completely released, we release the sense organs and turn our attention to the breath, encouraging it to flow smoothly without encumbrance.

23. The encumbrance of landed estate exists relative to main right, which is inevitable to change with the change of main right and have a certain influence on the main right at the same time.

24. If you have Allodial title to land, it cannot be seized; no government, agency or bank can place any lien, attachment or encumbrance on land secured by Allodial title.

25. A Conveyancer is one who transfers a legal title of real property from one person to another, or the granting of an encumbrance such as a mortgage or a lien