demoting in English

give (someone) a lower rank or less senior position, usually as a punishment.
the head of the army was demoted to deputy defense secretary
synonyms: downgrade relegate declassreduce in rank depose unseat displace oust cashier

Use "demoting" in a sentence

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1. I don't remember demoting you.

2. Why are you demoting General Hua to the cooking team?

3. Antonyms for Apotheosizing include belittling, castigating, condemning, criticising, criticizing, debasing, degrading, demoting, depressing and disgracing

4. Thatcher took revenge on both by demoting Howe, and by listening more to her adviser Sir Alan Walters on economic matters.

5. ə-bās' The definition of Abase means to make someone lower, either by making him feel humiliated or by actually demoting his position. An example of Abase is a bully taunting a victim.