catty in English

deliberately hurtful in one's remarks; spiteful.
Let joy raise you above negative comments, catty remarks or outright persecution.
of or relating to cats; catlike.
Here are some other uplifting things: a cycle ride in the sun, coffee in the garden, a sleepy-eyed hello from the cat, which summons up the energy to eat some catty lunch before going for another sleep.

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1. Catty synonyms, Catty pronunciation, Catty translation, English dictionary definition of Catty

2. About Catty Corp Catty was founded in 1907 by Hugh D

3. Catty definition, catlike; feline

4. Catty 1) If one is being Catty, they are being subtly or indirectly insulting

5. Cattish - marked by or arising from malice; "a catty remark" bitchy, catty

6. Catty Corner evidence-planting locations

7. Someone who's Catty is mean and nasty

8. Ratty Catch Catty - hide & seek game

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10. What does Catty mean? Information and translations of Catty in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on …

11. Sylvester and Tweety in Catty cornered is book based on the 1953 short "Catty cornered"

12. 2 synonyms for Cattish: bitchy, catty

13. Catty, an Englishman, as a cellophane converter

14. 1 Catty is equal to 0.5 kilogram

15. ‘Certain Catty colleagues liked to read these stories aloud.’ ‘Before Minerva could defend Kelly with a Catty remark, Kelly cut her short.’ ‘ABC couldn't resist a Catty comment on its Web site.’ ‘The book sporadically manages to be amusingly Catty, but never, try as it …

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18. Welcome to The Catty Corner Neighborhood Pub & Pie

19. What does Cattiness mean? The quality of being catty; cattishness

20. Cathouse The Series S01 - Ep09 Catty Cats Online Stream

21. From 1883 as "catty." Related: Cattishly; Cattishness

22. Both males and females can be and are Catty.

23. / ˈkæt̬.i / Catty words, especially speech, are unkind because they are intended to hurt someone: She's always making Catty remarks about her sister.

24. Ratty simulator Game Fans ! in this Catty Catch Ratty Lot of Adventures and gift waiting you :) your role in this Catty game is run and jump to avoid Ratty

25. Accidentally Catty (The Accidental Series, Book 5) (9780425239605): Cassidy, Dakota: Books

26. 1 kilogram is equal to 3.0619758636789 millibale [UK], or 2 Catty.

27. Cattish (comparative more Cattish, superlative most Cattish) catlike; in the manner of a cat Synonym: catty; stealthy; sly and spiteful; marked by malice Synonym: catty; Derived terms

28. "Catty cornered" appears to be a midpoint for Rocky

29. We assume you are converting between millibale [UK] and Catty [China]

30. At the north end of Catty Corner there’s an old Airstream-style trailer

31. The hide-and-seek entertainment is waiting for you in Ratty Catty

32. A Catty student on a school bus might refuse to let another child sit beside him, saying, "You smell bad." If you act Catty, you're malicious or snotty toward other people

33. There are other pizza places in Catty that have MUCH better pizza

34. Catty is one of the elephants closely linked to the Elephant Matriarch

35. A Catty smell; Synonyms (spiteful): bitchy (derogatory), cattish, malicious, nasty, snide, spiteful; Related terms

36. Save Word Synonyms & Antonyms of Catty having or showing a desire to cause someone pain or suffering for the sheer enjoyment of it a Catty remark that served only to hurt their feelings

37. Elephant Catty isone of the main characters from the 1941 Disney film,Dumbo

38. 14 synonyms for Catty: spiteful, mean, malicious, malevolent, venomous, bitchy, snide, rancorous, backbiting

39. Use this page to learn how to convert between Catty [China] and kilograms

40. The third such puzzle asks you to investigate an anomaly near Catty Corner

41. Synonyms for Catlike include catty, feline, quiet, silent, stealthy, furtive, secret, surreptitious, sneaky and clandestine

42. Ratty Catty is about the Simulator Game adventures of domestic cat Catty and hazel Talking mouse Rat Simulator who eats the foods in the house, Ratty feeds babies and lives in a little Smart rat nest

43. Ratty Catty is a game about the adventures of domestic cat Catty and hazel mouse Ratty who eats the foods in the house, feeds its babies and lives in a little rat nest

44. Malevolent; bitchy; nasty; spiteful: She made a Catty remark about her ex-husband’s new girlfriend.

45. The definition of Catty is someone who is cruel and spiteful, or like a cat

46. Synonyms for Cattish include catty, petulant, cantankerous, snappy, nagging, discontented, quarrelsome, irritable, peevish and criticizing

47. Catty (also known as Pattric) is the romantic pairing of Eric Cartman and Patty Nelson

48. Tom and Jerry Classic Collection Episode 151 - 152 Catty cornered (1966) - Cat And Dupli-Cat (1966)

49. The Catty Town Group is a new sharing group for all activity in the Vintage-Rockin'-Roots world

50. An example of Catty is someone who lounges in the sun all day like a cat.