bouquet of flowers|bouquet of flower in English

collection of flowers, bundle of flowers

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3. A Bouquet of brightly colored flowers

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5. Bouquet synonyms, Bouquet pronunciation, Bouquet translation, English dictionary definition of Bouquet

6. Bouquet definition, a bunch of flowers; nosegay

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8. Amelia was holding a huge bouquet of flowers.

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10. He sent her a large bouquet of wild flowers.

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13. Made by humans Artificial Her bouquet was made of Artificial flowers

14. These naturally dried flowers will outlast a bouquet of fresh blooms.

15. Let's send her a supportive bouquet of flowers to the hospital.

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17. The little girl presented the princess with a large bouquet of flowers .

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21. Their bouquet of white flowers bore the message: "In memory of all the victims of terrorism".

22. Bouquet definition is - flowers picked and fastened together in a bunch : nosegay

23. "That's Margo's bouquet, on the table.'' Mother pointed to a massive bunch of spring flowers.

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