baffle in English

a device used to restrain the flow of a fluid, gas, or loose material or to prevent the spreading of sound or light in a particular direction.
In a second arrangement, the first gas supply opens into the central region above an upper baffle plate and the second gas supply opens into the periphery of a plenum between the upper baffle plate and a lower baffle plate.
totally bewilder or perplex.
an unexplained occurrence that baffled everyone
restrain or regulate (a fluid, sound, etc.).
to baffle the noise further, I pad the gunwales
synonyms: perplex puzzle bewilder mystify bemuse confuse confound disconcert flummox faze stump make someone scratch their headbe all Greek to floor discombobulate

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1. Baffle synonyms, Baffle pronunciation, Baffle translation, English dictionary definition of Baffle

2. // CommonJS const Baffle = require ('Baffle'); // ES6 import Baffle from 'Baffle'; Step 2: Initialize

3. Thermal acoustic baffle

4. What does Baffle mean? The definition of Baffle is confuse

5. STRAIGHT acoustic ceiling Baffle

6. Acoustic baffle assembly

7. Heat expandable acoustic baffle

8. Baffle or Baffles may refer to:

9. (c) Porous baffle (porosity grade 1).

10. The Baffle, located at the intersection of two pipes, which exists the tank is known as outlet Baffle

11. Acoustic baffle, especially for placement in the railway zone, and escape stairs for the acoustic baffle

12. Sealing acoustical baffle and method therefor

13. Npm install--save Baffle Step 1: Reference

14. Acoustic baffle with predetermined directional expansion characteristics

15. Pressure equalizing baffle and coanda air clamp

16. Exhaust system with at least one baffle plate

17. Find Baffle recessed light trim at Lowe's today

18. He tried hard to baffle our plan.

19. His reticence will continue to baffle his biographer .

20. Baffle - Translation to Spanish, pronunciation, and forum discussions

21. It also has a neck baffle for extra warmth.

22. As for her changes of mood, those baffle me!

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24. The shoulder baffle is easy to adjust and comfortable.

25. Baffle n noun: Refers to person, place, thing, quality, etc

26. The exact nature of black holes continues to baffle scientists.

27. Bolt-In Baffle Kit 1 3\/4" OD Pipe

28. Baffle angle separators are also commonly used as mist filters.

29. Double your sound absorbing pleasure with the H-Baffle! H-Baffle is designed to disperse and absorb excessive sound while creating a unique, eye-catching ceiling design

30. Some common synonyms of Balk are baffle, foil, frustrate, and thwart

31. New, bizarre sex diseases pop up, spread rapidly and baffle doctors.

32. Cobra Optional Quiet Core Baffle for Shorts, Slash Downs and Dragsters - 9015Q Part #: 4402772 Mfg Part #: 9015Q $ 15.95 (17) Drag Specialties Baffle w/Fiberglass Wrap for 3 in

33. Baffle pipe and core-cooling device for an injection mold

34. I do not therefore baffle the reader with disputable statistics.

35. If you're using a module bundler, you'll need to import Baffle

36. Includes a steel mounting collar to hold the Baffle in place

37. Wrap this Baffle around your pole, without removing your feeder first

38. Acoustic baffle members and methods for applying acoustic baffles in cavities

39. Maxflow QuietCore™ Baffle - StreetPro Quadzilla Mufflers YAMAHA Vmax V-Max VMAX

40. Just inside the bag is a shoulder baffle for extra warmth.

41. If you linked Baffle directly in your HTML, you can use window.Baffle

42. Ashman Squirrel Proof Baffle – 17-Inch Wide Squirrel Guard for Bird Feeders – Anti-Rust Galvanized Steel Hangable Baffle to Protect Poles and Hanging Bird Houses from Squirrels, Raccoons, and Rodents

43. 38 synonyms for Befuddle: confuse, puzzle, baffle, bewilder, muddle, daze, perplex, mystify, disorient

44. Baffle definition: If something Baffles you, you cannot understand it or explain it

45. Solid Baffle walls are normally made of reinforced concrete, brickwork or blockwork

46. Baffle (liquid mixing), auxiliary devices employed in tank which suppress the effects of slosh dynamics Baffle (heat transfer), a flow-directing or obstructing vane or panel used in some industrial process vessels (tanks) Baffle (medicine), a tunnel or wall surgically constructed within the heart or primary blood vessels to redirect blood flow

47. Zips: a double zip which is smooth running with an inner draught baffle.

48. The swindler tried to baffle him out of his money, but in vain.

49. To initialize Baffle, all you need to do is call it with some

50. Increased baffle ribbing around the horn mouth dramatically improves acoustics across the sonic range.