authorize in English

give official permission for or approval to (an undertaking or agent).
the government authorized further aircraft production
synonyms: sanction permit allow approve consent toassent to ratify endorse validate give the green light togive the go-ahead toOKgive the thumbs up to empower mandate commission entitle

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1. Authorize synonyms, Authorize pronunciation, Authorize translation, English dictionary definition of Authorize

2. Authorize something I can Authorize payments up to £5 000

3. Authorize without a secret store

4. Find another word for Authorize

5. Authorize definition, to give authority or official power to; empower: to Authorize an employee to sign purchase orders

6. To authorize using a service account:

7. Authorize 'Authorize' is a 9 letter word starting with A and ending with E Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for Authorize We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word Authorize will help you to finish your crossword today

8. I am going to authorize incentive pay.

9. Then you know that I cannot authorize that.

10. Other companies charge up front and Authorize

11. Authorise is an alternative form of authorize

12. To authorize the software using a service account:

13. (The authorities did not authorize a legal abortion.)

14. 3 Only the president can authorize a nuclear attack.

15. Authorize: to give official or legal power to

16. What does Approbate mean? To sanction officially; authorize

17. Wisconsin statutes authorize a number of different Annexation …

18. As verbs the difference between Authorise and authorize is that Authorise is while authorize is to grant (someone) the permission or power necessary to …

19. In this chapter, we will discuss the Authorize Attribute

20. Congress declined to authorize new Archer MSAs after 2007

21. The mayor refuses to authorize funding for the production.

22. 4 I can authorize payments up to £4 000.

23. Live Versions: 10, 11 Operating System: All Once you've installed Live, you need to Authorize it.You can Authorize Live either online or offline.

24. Entries related to Authorise-ize; authorize; Others are reading

25. By continuing, I agree to Affirm’s Terms of Service and authorize Affirm to obtain, use, and share consumer reports about me.Terms of Service and authorize Affirm

26. Authority, authorizable, authorization, authorize, authorized, authorizer, authorless, Authorling, authorly, authorship

27. c) To authorize the national executive to order additional funding

28. 20 Expectation that legislation will authorize value - based land tax.

29. 15 I hereby authorize my delegate to duplicate my key.

30. 6 The other names were those who could authorize payments.

31. 5 Only Congress can authorize the President to declare war.

32. 14 Regulating Authorities may authorize different methods of making calls.

33. What does Authorize mean? To grant authority or power to

34. 22 I hereby authorize my delegate to duplicate my key.

35. At no time did I authorize Couchsurfing to charge my account

36. The Crossword Solver found 200 answers to the Authorize crossword clue

37. 7 He would not, however, authorize research using newly created lines.

38. Instructions: Completion of items 1 - 4 and the signing of the Affidavit is sufficient to authorize enrollment of a minor in school and authorize school-related medical care.

39. 17 I authorize OV to debit from my listed credit card.

40. Only the President could authorize the use of the atomic bomb.

41. 2 Only the President could authorize the use of the atomic bomb.

42. 9 synonyms for Approbate: allow, approve, authorize, consent, endorse, let, permit, sanction, OK

43. The provisions adopted pursuant to paragraph 1 do not authorize the Commission to:

44. 19 We entrust authorize XXcompany to charge for the goods on our behalf.

45. Our Articles of Incorporation authorize the issuance of 000,000 shares of preferred stock.

46. The Under-Secretary-General for Management shall also authorize all bank account closures.

47. 9 synonyms for Approbate: allow, approve, authorize, consent, endorse, let, permit, sanction, OK

48. Authorizing with an Adobe ID Adobe Digital Editions prompts you to authorize if needed

49. 22 He said that he needed to get his supervisor to authorize my refund.

50. I authorize you to coin your own money, as legal tender in your country.