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1. Audacious synonyms, Audacious pronunciation, Audacious translation, English dictionary definition of Audacious. adj

2. Audacious definition, extremely bold or daring; recklessly brave; fearless: an Audacious explorer

3. Audacious definition: Someone who is Audacious takes risks in order to achieve something

4. • a brilliant, Audacious play • In 1996, President Clinton made an equally Audacious promise

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6. Someone who is Audacious takes risks in order to achieve Audacious plan to win the presidency

7. Audacity definition: Audacity is audacious behaviour

8. Audacious — British Tier X aircraft сarrier.

9. Audacious is a crossword puzzle clue

10. Audacious Epigone Dissolution for the diversity.

11. Audacious Epigone The incorrigible Andrew Cuomo

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13. Audacious: displaying or marked by rude boldness.

14. Audacious is an open source audio player

15. What does Audacious mean? Information and translations of Audacious in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

16. Definition of Audacious in the dictionary

17. Audacious Church is that kind of church

18. From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English audacious au‧da‧cious / ɔːˈdeɪʃəs $ ɒː-/ adjective BRAVE showing great courage or confidence in a way that is impressive or slightly shocking the risks involved in such an audacious operation — Audaciously adverb Examples from the Corpus audacious • His plan was audacious, and

19. Audacious Epigone The conservative case for premarital sex

20. I grew more hardened and audacious than ever.

21. He described the plan as ambitious and audacious.

22. Audacious - WordReference English dictionary, questions, discussion and forums

23. Audacious is a free and advanced audio player

24. (Definition of Audacious from the Cambridge Academic Content …

25. It was audacious of him to try that.

26. The Audacious has been released in the following versions:

27. You are extremely audacious to open out a mine!

28. Audacious slowly flooded, allowing all of her crew to

29. In 19 President Clinton made an equally audacious promise.

30. Definition of Audacious adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary

31. Audacious: showing a willingness to take surprisingly bold risks

32. Synonyms: daring, enterprising, brave, bold More Synonyms of Audacious

33. The definition of Audacious is bold, daring or fearless

34. Clara herself had never audacious enough to say that.

35. 9 synonyms for Adventuresome: adventurous, audacious, bold, daredevil, daring

36. Your plan of going abroad is an audacious decision.

37. The title audacious but it captured the western zeitgeist.

38. Catalan: ·Audacious, bold Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary

39. ‘An Audacious attack in broad daylight on the fortified U.S

40. ‘An Audacious attack in broad daylight on the fortified U.S

41. Von Trier’s audacious Auteurship certainly isn’t achieved without a price

42. But Cambridge found their feet and took an audacious lead.

43. 9 synonyms for Adventuresome: adventurous, audacious, bold, daredevil, daring, enterprising

44. Audacious Epigone Strong support for voter ID across the board

45. Shakespeare used "Audacious" seven times in his plays

46. Audacious Epigone Ideal number of children by political orientation over time

47. Audacious is an energetic and creative outsourced marketing firm in Chicago.

48. This page shows answers to the clue Audaciously, followed by 2 definitions like “In an audacious manner”, “In an audacious manner” and “(adv.)In an audacious manner”.Synonyms for Audaciously are for example boldly, defiantly and disrespectfully.More synonyms can be found below the puzzle answers.

49. The Crossword Solver found 67 answers to the Audacious crossword clue

50. The Audacious is an original, fantasy design created by Phil Riehlman