attar|attars in English


[at·tar || 'ætə]

fragrant oil derived from flower petals

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1. Manufacturer of Attars - Mridu Gulab Attars, Tilism Attar, Fiza Attars and Ulfat Attars offered by M/s Sugandhco (p) Limited, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

2. Attar Fine exotic arabian perfume oils and unique gift Attars for men & women.

3. This attar can be used alone as well as in blends with other Attars

4. HABIBI Attar by Artisan Attars Natural Perfume Oil Mukhallat Cambodi & Assam Agarwood, Jasmine, Saffron Oudh

5. Attar synonyms, Attar pronunciation, Attar translation, English dictionary definition of Attar. Full name Farid ad-Din Attar. Died c

6. Being recognized as top perfumer exporter business, Kannauj Attar has earned the reputation of most trusted and respect supplier of natural Attars, perfume oils and wild-harvested essential oils

7. Many vendors sell fake, unadulterated Attar in the name of pure Attar

8. Hence, when it comes to Attar, you must buy only genuine and pure Attar.

9. Arabic Attars; 1001 NIGHTS ₹ 200.00 – …

10. Get contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying Attar, Ittar, Attar Oil across India.

11. What is Attar or perfume Oil? Attar is one of the Prized Posession of a Muslim .There is hardly any home where you won’t find Attar

12. Al huda Attars & perfumers, Mumbai

13. -- Attar, the once and future pope

14. Attars: a sweet or pleasant smell.

15. The most common Attars material is quartz

16. Warm Attars' – Attars such as Musk, Amber, Kesar (Saffron), Oud, are used in winters, they increase the body temperature

17. An Attar perfume is often confused with an essential oil.Attar perfumes and essential oils can each be made from a single scent, but Attars are generally composed of a combination of flowers to create a unique and original fragrance


19. Ambrosial- Fragrances Of Heaven (A Unit Of Webnet Consultants Pvt Ltd) was commenced in the year 1996, with an affirmation to manufacturing a wide array of Ambrosial Essential Oils.Offered products range consists of Ambrosial Attars, Reed Diffuser, and Attar Roll-ons.

20. The famous Indian Attars named Kewda, Ruh Khus, Mitti and Kadam Attars are proportionally blended in the base of sandalwood essential oil to produce majmua 96 perfume oil

21. Argımak Attar(Asil Atlar)The Turkic people Altai.

22. Argımak Attar(Asil Atlar)The Turkic people Altai

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24. Nowadays, finding pure Attar has become quite a difficult task

25. Connecticut had the highest population of Attar families in 1920.