assign in English

allocate (a job or duty).
Congress assigned the task to the agency
synonyms: allocate allot give set to charge with entrust with
designate or set (something) aside for a specific purpose.
managers happily assign large sums of money to travel budgets
synonyms: earmark fordesignate forset aside forreserve forappropriate forallot to/forallocate forapportion for
transfer (legal rights or liabilities).
they will ask you to assign your rights against the airline

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1. Assign synonyms, Assign pronunciation, Assign translation, English …

2. Assigner translate: to assign, to subpoena, assign

3. Synopsis <#Assign name1=value1 name2=value2 nameN=valueN> or <#Assign same as above in namespacehash> or <#Assign name> capture this </#Assign> or <#Assign name in namespacehash> capture this </#Assign>

4. Assign also supports automatic Assignment features, including Assign by staff mention and Assign when the post matches a regular expression

5. Assign Meta & DTD

6. Assign definition, to give or allocate; allot: to Assign rooms at a hotel

7. Assigner à translate: assign

8. How to abbreviate Assign? Get the most popular abbreviation for Assign updated in 2021

9. Assign reviewers based on Assignees

10. Assign licenses to multiple users

11. Assign each student a partner.

12. To Assign a task within a shared list, open the task’s detail view and select Assign to

13. In the header row, click Assign

14. (They can assign themselves additional permissions.)

15. The Assign function can be used to set environment variables in the scope of the function calling Assign

16. Assign tag to images. Please wait

17. Assign new columns to a DataFrame

18. Assign definition: If you Assign a piece of work to someone, you give them the work to do

19. Label that you assign to a product to help assign correct shipping costs in Merchant Center account settings

20. Assidual Assidually assiduity assiduous assiduously assign assign to a place assignat assignation assigned assigned configuration assigned program assigned task assignment assignment delay assign asukohas eesti inglise - eesti sõnastik

21. 'Assignee' est un terme alternatif pour 'assign'

22. Assign somebody to something Jan’s been Assigned

23. Assign Admin roles to users using Roles

24. Assign an owner from the object's home

25. Can teachers assign articles with vulgar words?

26. 'Assignee' is an alternate term for 'assign'

27. 'Assignee' is an alternate term for 'assign'

28. The school overseer will assign one assistant.

29. 'Assignee' è un termine alternativo per 'assign'

30. 8 rows  · Define Assign

31. How to use Assign in a sentence

32. Codify: to arrange or assign according to type.

33. 319-335-9727 Anthrohopobiological Assign primary contact number

34. Assignment, assign or The Assignment may refer to:

35. Officially, I cannot assign any mission into Uzbekistan.

36. Assorts: to arrange or assign according to type.

37. To assign keys or switches to scanning actions:

38. Hades Dai would not assign this mission lightly.

39. Assign each student a different doctrinal mastery passage.

40. Classed: to arrange or assign according to type.

41. Categorize: to arrange or assign according to type.

42. Categorizes: to arrange or assign according to type.

43. Well, how to Assign drive letter with Diskpart?

44. Assign a color Category to an email message

45. Networks assign the number pattern to a category.

46. Next, tap “Assign Reminder” to expand the section

47. From the context menu select Assign action... command

48. Assort: to arrange or assign according to type

49. Synonyms: assign, name, choose, commission More Synonyms of Appoint

50. Assign all non-essential personnel to the Divergent detail.